Friday, December 27, 2013

He arrived!

HI!!!!!!! I'm here Safe and sound!! The drivers are the craziest drivers in the entire world!!!! It was like living fast and furious! Sorry i didn't call, I couldn't find any pay phones in Dallas! Both of the plane rides were good, tons of turbulence on the second flight! My companion is Elder Soifuo (SoyFooah) we rode together since Salt Lake! When i first got to the terminal this morning it was just me, then two other Elders showed up and then two Sisters! At Dallas our little group found two other missionaries, an elder and a sister. As we got through customs, we found two other 4 other missionaries that flew in from Idaho! My comp, Elder Lau (the other missionary I started out with in Salt Lake), and I are all going to Nicaragua Managua South Mission! Its so cool! The spirit here is like no other! everyone is really happy, and we all just get along! Day 1 Done! took some pictures too, ill upload them when i figure out what day i have my P Day! I love you guys and I´m so thankful for everything you have done to support me! I'm so excited to get going tomorrow! I love you!!!!!!!

Elder Garrett Naisbitt

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Elder Garrett L. Naisbitt
Nicaragua, Managua South Mission
December 27, 2013

December 26, 2013

Elder Naisbitt's last day at home.  First we went to see Frozen, next lunch at Zupas, then home to finish packing.  Grandma Jacki arrived and Grandpa John has been here since Garrett's farewell.  Christmas was great and we feel blessed to have Christmas with Garrett.  His gifts amounted to a long sleeve white shirt. (he only had short sleeve white shirts before Christmas).  I taught Garrett how to sew a button. It came as a necessity, his new suit already lost a button.  Great quality these days!  The button I sewed on will not come off!

Lots of visits with friends and family.  Bill Clarke, Jessica Silotti, Tracie & Anthony Kay, Kamden, Kennady & Korver.