Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October 22, 2014 - Nicaragua Managua South Mission newest District Leader

Dear Mom and Dad,

Wow! two weeks have passed by!!!! I have missed you guys a lot though! A lot of stuff has happened! A few highlights of Cambios! My new companion is Elder Hayes, he is from North Carolina, he is 19, and has 6 months in the mission! My first companion that has less time then I do! hahaha Another really cool thing that happened was that I am now assigned as a District Leader!! Whoo Hoo! haha I am in charge of two other companionship's of missionaries, The APs and another set of full time missionaries :) It is pretty sweet! I did my first baptismal interviews yesterday, which was really awesome! The people I interveiwed were really awesome! I am going to love this assginment! Getting to know people, I have realized here in the mission, is something that I love to do! I love to just listen to people, and learn more about them! Anyway, so as a District Leader, I have to take nightly numbers from the missionary sets, Sunday numbers, make lessons for District Meeting, and go on divisions all of the time to help and support the other missionaries. Its really nice having the APs in my district though because they are the best missionaries in the mission, and I usually learn more from them, and am able to adapt my teaching closer to their's. I am loving it!

As for the office, I'm doing a lot more number taking now, and I'm always talking with President about what is going on with missionaries, and especially for the missionaries that get sent home for breaking rules, not being worthy...etc. I order plane flights, and organize all of the trips everywhere haha. It is pretty stressful, but i enjoy it a lot! :) 

The area is getting better! We will finally be baptizing our cool prepared family this weekend! I have to pull some money off of my card to help pay for a Divorce we have to do, so just letting you (mom) be aware of that. Their names are Vanessa and Julio! I have some pictures that i downloaded to Drop Box.

Thank you so very much for the Birthday package! Loved the clothse and the food! thank you so much! I will be waiting for the Christmas package! I need to hit the market again and go searching for more gifts for you guys! anything specail that you guys would like? wooden nicaraguan stuff, machetes, whatever... :) Let me know before next week! :)

I love you so much! Thank you for the support and the constant prayers of love! I hope everything goes smoothly for you mom and your doctors! And Dad, we will definitely have to go and drive go karts when i get back! too much fun! :) 

Love you!
Elder Naisbitt

Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 9, 2014

October 9, 2014 (no photos this week)

Amada Familia,
Congratulations Mom on your great test results! I will for sure be praying for you, and I will keep praying! I love you so much! I'm glad you guys enjoyed Conference! I thought the talks were really great! We had to listen to it in Spanish, which I understood everything, it just doesn't have the same feeling as listening to it in English! it was super cool all of the language differences we saw! Especially when the Spanish guys came up and talked, and I was like, I understand you! THIS IS AWESOME! haha :) So we have found out what will be happening here in the office this change!!! Craziness le digo yo! (I tell you) So this past change we have received a new missionary couple that is working in the office with us, and will serve their whole 18 month mission here in the office. The office is big, but with 6 people all of the time, it becomes cramped haha, so we have all been making predictions on what was going to happen, and how president was going to change things up. So he brought each of us in one at a time, and sat us down and told us what was going to happen! (drum Roll..........) I will still be in the office, but i will be changing positions. I will become the General Secretary for the mission, and the the Husband of the couple will become financier! They are taking out two of the elders, so Elder Roney is going back to the field, and of course my companion is going home. So Elder Hayes and I will be the only missionaries left here haha. elder Hayes will become the materials Secretary, and help on my duties because he knows how to do it, but I have basically a week and a half to train to become the General Secretary, one of the most stressful jobs in the office... AHHHH :) oh well, that is how it will be now.
Change meeting is officially one week away, so we are putting everything together, and the stress is starting to mount! :) 3 nights, No sleep!
We are really hoping that we baptize this week! I have had a great time this change, i just want to baptize. Elder Kersey is a great companion, but I have learned a lot about patience this change. a lot about how to take into account others ideas, no matter how silly they are as well, and giving up my will for theirs. I feel like that is why we have not baptized at all. He is a great missionary, just doesn't give up his ideas, nor listens to mine, and we have gotten no where. Like I said, i have learned a lot about patience, and how to love your companion, even in the bad times. *sigh* I guess I should not be judging, because i know I have faults, and he has to learn to deal with me, but man this has been hard. The only thing I have not like about my mission is that, minus my training, I have only had one change with all of my companions, which is like 0 time.  But I have learned to adapt. That is the life of a missionary though. submitting yourself to the Lord, and just being obedient. I am loving the mission, and i cant wait to see what else the Lord has planned for me! :)

I love you guy so much! Thank you so much for being so supportive and always being there for me! I could not ask for better parents or a family! Thank you so much! I love you!
Have a great week! Ill be praying for you guys! always!
Elder Naisbitt

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October 1, 2014

October 1, 2014

Looks like an Elder's birthday

Mom and Dad!
I loved reading your letters! I really loved the photo of Laubs doing the "Vader" haha it looks super awesome!! All of the pictures of you guys at the game/conference looked really fun! That's too bad that the Utes didn't win!! Super frustrating! But that seems to be a typical Utah game right? Either we smash until the 4th quarter and then we lose or almost lose, OR we are down super far, and end up pulling it off in the last 5 minutes hahaha :) #UtahFanLife haha Moms night out sounded like lots of fun! I will have to remember that Chinese place for dates ;) haha Poor dad working like a horse though! (Canyon voice) haha.  I Hope Mom´s scans go well and that that scar tissue has gone down and that you don't have to deal with those stupid steroids anymore!!! I will for sure write Christian too! and if I get a chance I will look for Mom in the General Women's Conference haha.
So to answer your questions, this week is not change week, change week is on the week of my birthday, in a week and a half basically! hahaha I have not yet killed my companion, but he did have his final interview with president yesterday! He said he liked it a lot! But he is not ready to go home! I guess the thing with being here in the mission is that by the time you finally get used to being out here, it hits around your 20 month mark, and by that time, time is going by so fast, that the mission just ends in a split of a second!

For me, i already feel like this whole mission  is moving way too fast! I know time will only be getting fast, and we will only be closer and closer to the end! Crazy!
This week I have been thinking a lot about the Atonement of Christ. I have put in a lot of study time just trying to understand more about it! It has been a great experience! One thing that I have been doing and have been trying to put into practice in my life right now is a saying that we have here in the mission, which is, "Live in a way in which you let the mission pass through you, and not you pass through the mission." I really have been trying to humble myself to everything around me and just to let myself go, be a better person, and be changed by the experiences here, rather than just be a rock and not learn anything from these two years that the Lord has given me! I know I am a different person, I can feel it, I can't tell you how I have changed, but I know I have, for the better, obviously,  haha!
Crazy, I mean super crazy story this week!!!!!! So Elder Kersey and I are walking through our area on Sunday night, and like I have always told you, our area is the most dangerous area in all of the mission, seriously. But we were just walking through, trying to get to one of our appointments in that area, and we end up walking behind these three guys, and as we approach, they all stop and look at us, So,  we begin to pass quickly on the left side of this group, As I pass one of these guys, he grabs my arm, and stops me. He is looking at me, and he just had this empty personality about him, like he was just zoned out. So I am stopped, being held by this, I'm sure drugged out, guy and his buddies are all around me. I just froze, and just could not do anything, I then remembered I had my wallet, which has license, Nicaraguan ID, Credit cards, Personal cards, money...etc. and I was not going to let these three jack-wagons take it, so I shoved this guy in the chest super hard, but he still held onto my arm. So now this guy is mad, and pulls out a knife and is holding it in the air like he is going to stab me, and that is when Elder Kersey screams, run run! So I push this dude one more time and started to book it, but before I could get away, he shoves this knife into my arm!! My brain didn't process it, but we just ran, and my arm hurt really bad, so as we got away from these dudes, we checked my arm, and there was no hole, in my shirt or through my garment, and my arm just has a slight small cut, which wasn't even bleeding..... We both just kind of stopped and looked at each other, and just thought, what a miracle, seriously. I saw that knife hit my shoulder, but i just have a tiny cut, and a bruise. Miracle! Seriously! ANYWAY morale of the story is, I'm fine, I'm not in shock, I got over it fast. I made copies of all my licenses, and I don't walk around with my debit card anymore haha. I'm
just super thankful that God is watching over us and keeping us safe :) Picture of my arm are online :)
Attack on E. Naisbitt 
Other than that experience we have been working hard! Our baptism fell through! He went and moved temporarily in the North Mission till the 20 of October! Jack-wagons! hahaha :) but he will get baptized when he gets back! We have 4 awesome people lined up for baptism on the 11! It will be a great week!

I love you guys so much! I'm excited for Conference and being able to hear the prophet! :)

Love love from Nicaragua!

Elder Naisbitt

Sept. 24, 2014 -

Sept. 24, 2014 -  (I forgot to post this letter...sorry)

Mom and Dad!
Go Utes! Hopefully they win again this week! I have heard BYU´s quarterback is really good! That would be cool to see him get the Heisman! (no I'm still a Utah fan)!!!!  haha sounds like you guys had a really full week of traveling and getting from place to place! as to Mom´s question about the Xbox! I would be alright with it, i will just feel super betrayed! haha no just kidding! I think it would be awesome! But if you buy an Xbox 1 because from what I heard before I moved through the "veil" was that we could add onto the Xbox 1 and not just have it become an outdated dinosaur in 1 more year! haha but its your decision! I am 2000 miles away and i don't have much leeway haha but I would be down just to have one before I came home.... :) and to answer Dad´s question, I will be killing Elder Kersey as well as I did with Elder Watteyne! Elder Kersey has his finally interview with President next Tuesday! its pretty crazy! Then the change meeting is on my Birthday, like smack-dab the 15th of October! hahaha Yay for me and getting no sleep! Whoo hoo best birthday ever! :) just kidding, it will be really awesome!  Anyway, it sounded like Ash had a great time, and that photo of ash eating those waffles, is priceless! and i cant believe that Lauren is getting so OLD! she looks like she is 20! sorry Dad... haha but she looked stunning in those photos! I saw on the church news, the new dedication! that temple is super beautiful! That's super awesome ash went on his scout camp last week too! Everyone is growing up! But I still feel like I'm 17-18 haha its a weird to think about haha :)
E. Naisbitt, just chillin'
Oh by the way I put Ash´s birthday package in the mail today!   I love Ash´s gifts! I tried looking for an Nicaraguan Flag, but I could not find one in time :) Oh well, next package right? :)
We will be baptizing a really awesome guy this week named Ruben! He has a really huge story, So next week I will tell you guys all about him, and this guys huge amount of faith! Our other two families are progressing really well, and are loving the Gospel! We should have a really great turn out in church this coming week! :)

I love you guys a ton!!!


Elder Naisbitt