Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October 22, 2014 - Nicaragua Managua South Mission newest District Leader

Dear Mom and Dad,

Wow! two weeks have passed by!!!! I have missed you guys a lot though! A lot of stuff has happened! A few highlights of Cambios! My new companion is Elder Hayes, he is from North Carolina, he is 19, and has 6 months in the mission! My first companion that has less time then I do! hahaha Another really cool thing that happened was that I am now assigned as a District Leader!! Whoo Hoo! haha I am in charge of two other companionship's of missionaries, The APs and another set of full time missionaries :) It is pretty sweet! I did my first baptismal interviews yesterday, which was really awesome! The people I interveiwed were really awesome! I am going to love this assginment! Getting to know people, I have realized here in the mission, is something that I love to do! I love to just listen to people, and learn more about them! Anyway, so as a District Leader, I have to take nightly numbers from the missionary sets, Sunday numbers, make lessons for District Meeting, and go on divisions all of the time to help and support the other missionaries. Its really nice having the APs in my district though because they are the best missionaries in the mission, and I usually learn more from them, and am able to adapt my teaching closer to their's. I am loving it!

As for the office, I'm doing a lot more number taking now, and I'm always talking with President about what is going on with missionaries, and especially for the missionaries that get sent home for breaking rules, not being worthy...etc. I order plane flights, and organize all of the trips everywhere haha. It is pretty stressful, but i enjoy it a lot! :) 

The area is getting better! We will finally be baptizing our cool prepared family this weekend! I have to pull some money off of my card to help pay for a Divorce we have to do, so just letting you (mom) be aware of that. Their names are Vanessa and Julio! I have some pictures that i downloaded to Drop Box.

Thank you so very much for the Birthday package! Loved the clothse and the food! thank you so much! I will be waiting for the Christmas package! I need to hit the market again and go searching for more gifts for you guys! anything specail that you guys would like? wooden nicaraguan stuff, machetes, whatever... :) Let me know before next week! :)

I love you so much! Thank you for the support and the constant prayers of love! I hope everything goes smoothly for you mom and your doctors! And Dad, we will definitely have to go and drive go karts when i get back! too much fun! :) 

Love you!
Elder Naisbitt