Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 9, 2014

October 9, 2014 (no photos this week)

Amada Familia,
Congratulations Mom on your great test results! I will for sure be praying for you, and I will keep praying! I love you so much! I'm glad you guys enjoyed Conference! I thought the talks were really great! We had to listen to it in Spanish, which I understood everything, it just doesn't have the same feeling as listening to it in English! it was super cool all of the language differences we saw! Especially when the Spanish guys came up and talked, and I was like, I understand you! THIS IS AWESOME! haha :) So we have found out what will be happening here in the office this change!!! Craziness le digo yo! (I tell you) So this past change we have received a new missionary couple that is working in the office with us, and will serve their whole 18 month mission here in the office. The office is big, but with 6 people all of the time, it becomes cramped haha, so we have all been making predictions on what was going to happen, and how president was going to change things up. So he brought each of us in one at a time, and sat us down and told us what was going to happen! (drum Roll..........) I will still be in the office, but i will be changing positions. I will become the General Secretary for the mission, and the the Husband of the couple will become financier! They are taking out two of the elders, so Elder Roney is going back to the field, and of course my companion is going home. So Elder Hayes and I will be the only missionaries left here haha. elder Hayes will become the materials Secretary, and help on my duties because he knows how to do it, but I have basically a week and a half to train to become the General Secretary, one of the most stressful jobs in the office... AHHHH :) oh well, that is how it will be now.
Change meeting is officially one week away, so we are putting everything together, and the stress is starting to mount! :) 3 nights, No sleep!
We are really hoping that we baptize this week! I have had a great time this change, i just want to baptize. Elder Kersey is a great companion, but I have learned a lot about patience this change. a lot about how to take into account others ideas, no matter how silly they are as well, and giving up my will for theirs. I feel like that is why we have not baptized at all. He is a great missionary, just doesn't give up his ideas, nor listens to mine, and we have gotten no where. Like I said, i have learned a lot about patience, and how to love your companion, even in the bad times. *sigh* I guess I should not be judging, because i know I have faults, and he has to learn to deal with me, but man this has been hard. The only thing I have not like about my mission is that, minus my training, I have only had one change with all of my companions, which is like 0 time.  But I have learned to adapt. That is the life of a missionary though. submitting yourself to the Lord, and just being obedient. I am loving the mission, and i cant wait to see what else the Lord has planned for me! :)

I love you guy so much! Thank you so much for being so supportive and always being there for me! I could not ask for better parents or a family! Thank you so much! I love you!
Have a great week! Ill be praying for you guys! always!
Elder Naisbitt