Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 27 - June 30, 2014

Mom and Dad :)
Loved your emails! Especially those photos! That Air show looks so awesome! I can't believe how much time has gone by since that day dad and I went to that Airshow! Crazy! I'm glad everyone is doing great! I'm super jealous that you guys are up in Snowbird!!! I miss that place so much!! Just hanging up in the cool mountians :) Oh well, I'm happy for you guys! :) I hope that everything else is going well!

Well I recieved a package this week.... I have no idea who it is from, I think is from you guys, but I have no Idea hahaha :) It had Rice Crispy treats, Granola Bars, and Nature Valley bars. Oh and Contact solution :) I guess whoever sent it, sent it from tracies work, because some lady that lives here in Managua, called us and was saying that she works for some company , that works with Tracie hahaha :) I was so confused, cuz no one had told me I was getting a package hahaha :) But Thank you! :)

I finally completed 6 months in the mission!!! FINALLY And it was even funnier cuz my companion Elder Mazariegos completed  his 19 months mark on the same day hahaha so we celebrated and bought chinese food, and pepsi! :) hahaha it was so great! :) Nicas can cook Chinese food! :) But I was totally missing my Panda Orange Chicken and Beging Beef!!

We also baptized a little girl this week named Blanca! She is 11 years old, and was super excited to be baptized! It was funny because she just appeared out of no where and we baptized her in 2 weeks hahaha :) It was so fun teaching her, and getting to know her and her family! We might 
start teaching her mom too, because in the baptism, she was comenting to us, that she hadnt been baptized, and that the church she attends says that baptism isnt necessary. So we set her straight, by just saying, do you believe that the bible is word of God? obviously she said yes, so then we said, then you believe that baptism is necessary to be saved haha. It was good, and we think she understood, so we are going to try and work with her. Its funny here, people will build churches and contruct doctrine, that is completely against the bible, but then will go and teach from the bible. We dont quite understand why, but like I said, our favorite question is do you believe the bible is word of God? Then go and read (Effesians 4:11-13, 1 Cor 12:28, Amos 3:8... &much more). People here just need help opening their eyes and reading the bible without interpretting it.

It was funny yesterday, I was thinking about the house (USA) and I couldnt remember like what we had in the backyard, or my room, my cell phone, ipod, and a lot more. it is a wierd sensation when I know more about Nicaragua then my home, or when I forget that im a white person hahaha. I feel like Im a nica, I spéak like a Nica, Eat like a Nica.  Its really really wierd, but its a good feeling :)
Anyway, im doing great, I finnaly put pictures up on drop Box! Please forgive me! Elder Sanchez was so much better about taking photos, But that is my goal these coming weeks! :) I love you guys, I miss you a ton! :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 26 - June 23, 2014

Week 26 - June 23, 2014  (no pictures this week)

Mom and Dad!
I finally got your package! I was so happy! thank you so much for the pants, and the Skittles! They were so awesome! :) :) Thank you so much! I am sending you guys a package today, so hopefully you get it 3 or so weeks, it has two jerseys for Lauren and Ash, and stuff the family too :) But that other stuff is a secret! :) Hopefully you guys like them! They are typical Nicaraguan....stuff :) hahahahahaha :) Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy them :)
I'm so happy that your test scans are looking better and that nothing has appeared! I hope your steroids will help that scar tissue disappear! Crappy Cancer! I'm always praying for you Mom! And if there is anything else I can do to help, Just let me know :) Love you Mom!
Well I'm writing you guys right now, and it is a total down poor! the streets are filled with water and its funny watching these people try walking through the water filled streets! :) Crazy stuff!
So this week, nothing new really happened! We have this new family, that is really positive! They are super cool, and the wife is starting to read the Book of Mormon, and is loving it! Super cool! We will be baptizing this week a little girl, who just appeared out of no where, and wants to get baptized! It was awesome! :)
Well that is basically my week, We are trying to do like 10-12 lessons everyday, and have almost 60-70 lessons every week! We should see some awesome results with that! :)
I hope your weeks will go well! I love you guys so much! I love Ashes letters haha :) They are my favorite! It means a lot that he is writing me by hand! He is awesome! :)
Love you guys!
Elder Naisbitt

Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014 - Week 25

June 16, 2014 - Week 25 - no photos this week

Hey Mom and Dad!
First off, Happy Fathers day! I love you Dad! You have given me such a positive influence in my life and such an amazing example to model my life after! Thank you for everything! If I have become a better person, it's because I have an amazing Father like you! If I could be half of the man you are, I would feel like i had succeeded in life! you're truly amazing Dad! Thank you so much!

Speaking of FIFA!! GOALLLLLLLL Thats all we hear when we are walking in the streets! Seriously! Its pretty crazy! Dad has the description really well, that everyone just stops working and watches the games. We have heard alot of the games! We have to teach, so we sit down in houses and teach, but we are listening to the games too! haha. There is no way to watch it hahaha. Hope USA Wins against Ghana! And Germany destroyed Portugal! Argentina is doing really well, and so is Italy! I was really hoping Uruguay would win their game, but they lost to CostaRica! CostaRica is huge here because one of the players for their country is from Nicaragua, so there are a ton of people pulling for Costa
Rica this year! but I have decided that I will be buying tickets to the next FIFA in Russia ;) hahahaha It's just too fun! :)  Yeah I will look for stuff for Lauren and Ash. What are their teams?? IDK what they want or if they just want a general Shirt\Jersey.

Well this week was pretty crazy, Elder Sanchez had Changes, so he is gone, and was moved to A city called Jinotepe (heenotepe) and is District Leader there! Pretty Crazy! We were pretty upset that we only had one change together! But that is the hard part, usually the companions that are your favorites,  usually are only together for one change! BOO! But my new companion is Elder Mazariegos. He's from Guatemala, he is 20, almost 21. He is a convert of basically 2 and a half years. So he has had more time in the mission as a member, than out of the mission hahaha its pretty amazing!

We are working really well together and we get along really well, so that is a blessing! I'm really Grateful that I have had great companions for the past 6 months!  Only  10 days till I have been out 6 months!!!! LOCO!!!!! :) hahahahaha.  I'm loving it and the time only seems to be going my faster! I don't like it hahahaha!

We put a baptismal date with this family yesterday. This family has like 20 people living in this house! Its pretty crazy! We only got 7 to listen and to accept the Date! So hopefully everything will go really well with them. :) Baptisms are coming along, we should be baptizing on the 28th for sure, but none this week

Any-who. I'm doing really well! I love you guys and I miss you! I am always praying for the family, and for Mom's Health! Please keep me updated! :) I love you!!! :)

Les Amo!
Elder Naisbitt

Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 24 - June 9, 2014

Week 24 - June 9, 2014

Mom and Dad!

Sounds like you guys had pretty crazy week! That is awesome that Lauren is being looked at by a few colleges.  Hopefully, when she is a senior, she will be looked at a lot more! :) I hope all of your scans go well, and you are doing great! I am always praying for you and your health, mom!
Another Week is gone! How crazy! I feel like they are just flying by! I am an Official NICA (Pronounced Neeca)!!!!!!! :) I received my ID Card today and am official for two years! :) Woo Hoo!! :)
We will not know changes until tomorrow, and idk. But i'm am sure I will not have changes, but our District had "Apostasy Changes" on Friday, which is where everyone puts what they think will happen during changes :) haha I am supposed to stay and Sanchez is supposed to swoop up to a District Leader, and they say I will train a new Bee, but who knows hahaha :) I'll write you next week about that! :)
Yes, We Baptized this week! We baptized a guy named Francisco! But before that we Married them! It was a ton of fun!  They are really happy! :) We have an appointment to visit them tonight and teach them the Proclamation of the Family and then give them a Book of Mormon reading chart! :) We are super happy for them!

Before wedding and baptism
Francisco and his fiance' just about to be married
family photo after wedding
After wedding. Francisco getting ready for baptism

We also bought an Iguana! that is what some of the pictures are! :)
It was super tasty! I loved it! It is like Chicken! :) Hopefully you guys like the pictures! :) 
I love you guys so much!

Purchased Iguana...tastes like chicken
Sick, getting the guts and skin off

Hope everything is going well! Give my love to Lauren and Ash! I just got Grandmas Package! I should get yours this week! But we will see! Did ash get his letter?? I got his this week too! :)
I love you so much!

Elder Naisbitt

PS Here are two awesome Mormon Messages on Bullying (1) and the other is a cool video called We can find Happiness! (2) Hope you like them!

Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014 - Week 23

June 2, 2014 - Week 23

Hola Mom and Dad!!
"locked up by our RC, who protects our streets"
You guys had a pretty crazy week! You are Workiiiiinnnnnnggggg soooooooooooo Hard Aunt Julie!!! :) Sorry I cant send the voice, you'll have to imagine that :) hahahaha What a busy week! I love you guys! Storm Mountain photos looked sounded better.... hahaha actually we eat pretty well here, we are just missing about half of the food pyramid hahaha :) We never drink milk, so calcium is down the drain! And Fruits.we get a few...Yeah.... haha And I don't know if people here believe in vegetables... Like we eat a ton of plantains, but i'm pretty sure that's fruit, and it should count for more of a grain because its like pure starch ..... :) That and this food we eat a lot called Yucca, which is like a 10 potatoes put into one, but keeping it the same sized of one potato hahah. It's so hard to eat because its so thick.... haha but rice and beans, we have plenty of! No need to worry about the grains, and that little bit of protein :) hahahahaha Its pretty awesome :) But I loved the photos of Storm Mountain! I will never take the mountains for granted ever ever ever again. Im glad you guys had a great time! And the pictures from mountain veiw GC Looked awesome! I miss the mountains haha :) "I Like the Mountains" (Lauren and Ash will Get that ) :) But thank you for the pictures!!! I love seeing you guys! And Elphy  and El Señor Cato! :) Haha  I Miss them too!
Okay, well this week was pretty uneventful! We were supposed to baptize one of our investigators this week, but he had his interview and failed that like a boss haha. He had a few problems that we need to help him through before he can be baptized! So we moved his goal to the 14th of June.  We think he will do, but he has a follow up interview this Wednesday with the district leader,  and if he is progressing and trying to repent, then we have the green light to baptize him in the following Saturday, so we are working really hard to help him through this process! :)
Hop-Scotch the Universal sidewalk/driveway game
Our days are pretty long and tired. By Sunday night, I literally do not have any energy and all of my body hurts and is super tired. I am super grateful for P-days. They are a really great day to recuperate, make plans for the following week, buy more rice and beans to cook, and write you guys :) Then 6 pm roles around and i'ts work time again :) But we are doing good here! We contact usually from 10:30 to 12 noon, so we don't have to worry about doing it through out the day. The Streets are usually dead, so we contact a ton of houses haha. Contacting is great, but it is just the same thing over and over. So we try to keep it fun by saying different things each time to get people interested, because the Jehovah Witnesses proselyte as well down here.  We have to stand out and say stuff that will spark their interest. Its fun :) 
Elder getting directions from kids
taking an opportunity to teach the kids a few thing too!
We have been teaching between 8-10 lessons everyday, usually with new people, but its pretty crazy! :) 
Ill keep you guys updated on our progress in the coming weeks with this guy! We should be marrying and baptizing a family this week, so look forward to photos!!! :)
P-Day in Port Salvador with the Zone.  Looked great, smelled horrible

I love you guys!!!
I pray for you everyday! :)
Elder Naisbitt