Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 24 - June 9, 2014

Week 24 - June 9, 2014

Mom and Dad!

Sounds like you guys had pretty crazy week! That is awesome that Lauren is being looked at by a few colleges.  Hopefully, when she is a senior, she will be looked at a lot more! :) I hope all of your scans go well, and you are doing great! I am always praying for you and your health, mom!
Another Week is gone! How crazy! I feel like they are just flying by! I am an Official NICA (Pronounced Neeca)!!!!!!! :) I received my ID Card today and am official for two years! :) Woo Hoo!! :)
We will not know changes until tomorrow, and idk. But i'm am sure I will not have changes, but our District had "Apostasy Changes" on Friday, which is where everyone puts what they think will happen during changes :) haha I am supposed to stay and Sanchez is supposed to swoop up to a District Leader, and they say I will train a new Bee, but who knows hahaha :) I'll write you next week about that! :)
Yes, We Baptized this week! We baptized a guy named Francisco! But before that we Married them! It was a ton of fun!  They are really happy! :) We have an appointment to visit them tonight and teach them the Proclamation of the Family and then give them a Book of Mormon reading chart! :) We are super happy for them!

Before wedding and baptism
Francisco and his fiance' just about to be married
family photo after wedding
After wedding. Francisco getting ready for baptism

We also bought an Iguana! that is what some of the pictures are! :)
It was super tasty! I loved it! It is like Chicken! :) Hopefully you guys like the pictures! :) 
I love you guys so much!

Purchased Iguana...tastes like chicken
Sick, getting the guts and skin off

Hope everything is going well! Give my love to Lauren and Ash! I just got Grandmas Package! I should get yours this week! But we will see! Did ash get his letter?? I got his this week too! :)
I love you so much!

Elder Naisbitt

PS Here are two awesome Mormon Messages on Bullying (1) and the other is a cool video called We can find Happiness! (2) Hope you like them!