Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 27 - June 30, 2014

Mom and Dad :)
Loved your emails! Especially those photos! That Air show looks so awesome! I can't believe how much time has gone by since that day dad and I went to that Airshow! Crazy! I'm glad everyone is doing great! I'm super jealous that you guys are up in Snowbird!!! I miss that place so much!! Just hanging up in the cool mountians :) Oh well, I'm happy for you guys! :) I hope that everything else is going well!

Well I recieved a package this week.... I have no idea who it is from, I think is from you guys, but I have no Idea hahaha :) It had Rice Crispy treats, Granola Bars, and Nature Valley bars. Oh and Contact solution :) I guess whoever sent it, sent it from tracies work, because some lady that lives here in Managua, called us and was saying that she works for some company , that works with Tracie hahaha :) I was so confused, cuz no one had told me I was getting a package hahaha :) But Thank you! :)

I finally completed 6 months in the mission!!! FINALLY And it was even funnier cuz my companion Elder Mazariegos completed  his 19 months mark on the same day hahaha so we celebrated and bought chinese food, and pepsi! :) hahaha it was so great! :) Nicas can cook Chinese food! :) But I was totally missing my Panda Orange Chicken and Beging Beef!!

We also baptized a little girl this week named Blanca! She is 11 years old, and was super excited to be baptized! It was funny because she just appeared out of no where and we baptized her in 2 weeks hahaha :) It was so fun teaching her, and getting to know her and her family! We might 
start teaching her mom too, because in the baptism, she was comenting to us, that she hadnt been baptized, and that the church she attends says that baptism isnt necessary. So we set her straight, by just saying, do you believe that the bible is word of God? obviously she said yes, so then we said, then you believe that baptism is necessary to be saved haha. It was good, and we think she understood, so we are going to try and work with her. Its funny here, people will build churches and contruct doctrine, that is completely against the bible, but then will go and teach from the bible. We dont quite understand why, but like I said, our favorite question is do you believe the bible is word of God? Then go and read (Effesians 4:11-13, 1 Cor 12:28, Amos 3:8... &much more). People here just need help opening their eyes and reading the bible without interpretting it.

It was funny yesterday, I was thinking about the house (USA) and I couldnt remember like what we had in the backyard, or my room, my cell phone, ipod, and a lot more. it is a wierd sensation when I know more about Nicaragua then my home, or when I forget that im a white person hahaha. I feel like Im a nica, I spĂ©ak like a Nica, Eat like a Nica.  Its really really wierd, but its a good feeling :)
Anyway, im doing great, I finnaly put pictures up on drop Box! Please forgive me! Elder Sanchez was so much better about taking photos, But that is my goal these coming weeks! :) I love you guys, I miss you a ton! :)