Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Week 28 - July 7, 2014 -

Week 28, July 7, 2014

Mom and Dad!
I was laughing so hard reading your letters! Seriously, I was cracking up reading about mike golfing, and about your new Edger, but its battery power... haha Why battery??? I guess you're not buying gas now, which I guess would be cheaper :) But Snowbird/Lagoon/Fourth of July, basically three of my most favorite things in Utah haha! The only bit of fourth of July.

I got, was that we are about 20 minutes from the United States Embassy, so we saw a little bit of fireworks haha :) But lagoon, dead! That is a miracle! :) Dad was saying the Korver and Raeanna were sitting at Grandpa's house holding hands watching the fireworks haha :) That is so funny :) Ugh i miss the family, but only 17 1/2 months more! :) I am glad you guys are doing great, and that everything is going well at home!

Our week was great! We baptized this guy named Donald, he is 33 and he is an Investigator from when Elder Sanchez and I were Companions haha :) He had some problems, so we had to wait to baptize him till now, but everything is great! :)  We are pretty stoked that e baptized him the first week of the month! We should baptize like 5 people this month, and maybe one more if everything goes as plan! :)  We will be baptizing this girl this Saturday named Ima! She is so cool, she is 18 and the most "Pilas" Investigator that I have ever had! We gave her the Book of Mormon like 2 weeks and a few days in the past, and she is in 2nd Nephi! Its pretty crazy! We have barely had to teach her, we just show up and answer questions, and teach a little bit! :) It has been so nice! We have been looking really hard for the Testaments movie, because that explains really well the story of the book of Mormon, and how it is in the other side of the world :) and it helps people better understand that Christ visited America :) But we have enjoyed teaching her! :) I bet she will be a missionary, if she decides not to go to school in Brasil! Her family is super rich haha :) But we will see! :)
Changes are coming up again in two weeks! Elder Mazariegos thinks that I will have changes, but I hope not! I want to have another change here! We still have so many house and people that I have not talked with :) But we will see! :) 
I love you guys so much! :) I hope everything goes great this week! The package should be getting to you guys this week, or the following, I'm not sure, but i hope you like it! :)
Thank you so much for the package and the treats! I really really really appreciate it! I have the best family in the world! :)
Love you so much!
Elder Naisbitt