Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 30 - 2nd Week in the Office (Financier)

July 30 - 2nd Week in the Office (Financier) - no photos this letter 

Mom and Dad!
DAD SHOT A HOLE IN ONE!! haha! That is so sweet!! :) I loved the video and everything! I remember that hole really well, but that is the first time I have seen the flag sit on that left side like that! Usually it is behind the sand trap or way up on the hill! I was laughing so hard when I saw that your name was in the newspaper! haha! How awesome!  Sounds like everyone is doing really well and that the 24th was a great day! I want to go to Dave and Tam's new house! It sounds super awesome! :) I can't believe Ash and the Kay kids made that much money doing the lemonade stand! Hahaha I remember I use to pass by there and buy like a lemonade from Ash, and give them 5 bucks for a glass of lemonade haha :) Good time! I really hope everything goes well with your Brain MRI Scan and Echo, and all of your tests mom! I'm always praying for you and hoping that you will be alright while I'm gone! Hopefully the scar tissue has gone down and you can get off those stupid steroids!!

Loving the office! :) It is pretty crazy and we are constantly running around and answering telephone calls and helping missionaries change houses and fix big money problems. At times it is super stressful, but we are coping! haha....    We are just working all day haha! The time goes by really fast and the best part is that the office is air conditioned, so that is really nice!
The house is really awesome! There are four of us living there, and the four of us have a lot of fun together because we are basically together all of the day, minus the hours that we get to go out and work! Our area is pretty sweet, minus that it is the most dangerous area in all of Nicaragua haha :) Its called Hialia, and it is pretty wicked here haha. My comp got robbed like two weeks ago, and they took all of his money and phones. But now we made friends with all of the people in that area, so we have this one group of people, basically a gang that is watching out for us. :) So everything is good now, it is just a little dangerous in the night,  but we are blessed and no one bothers us.
I'm doing really awesome and i'm super happy! I love you so much!
Elder Naisbitt