Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week 29 - July 14, 2014

Week 29 - July 14, 2014

Mom and Dad! :) 

Glad you guys liked the Package! :) Hope everything fits and everything is great! :) I love you guys so much, and if every you want anything,  just let me know and I will search for something haha :) 

Okay, so I guess I didn't explain very well that we had changes like 5 weeks in the past. I thought I mentioned it, but I guess not! Sorry! So Yeah Sanchez had changes. We had 6 weeks together. I received Elder Mazariegos 11 of June, and we will have changes again on the 23 of July, so I will keep you guys better updated this change! Anyway, Elder Mazariegos has 20 months in the mission, is from Guatemala, and is 21 years old! Haha he is really good to work with, just has little patience, so I have been really trying to work on that aspect of my life and trying to help him at the same time, but he is really great! 
lizard I caught in our house :) It's pretty small, but the head is pretty cool :)
Sounds like you guys had a great week! Girls camp videos and pics were awesome! And Laubs washing windows! haha!
Zone Activity - BBQ Awesome!
Elder Hayes. it was his birthday today
Zone activity - BBQ
 Just keep telling her that she can make DOUGH if she really wants too! I think that is one thing that I have learned from the mission. If a person wants to have success, they can do it, they just have to put in the effort. But that's awesome that she is doing it! :) hahaha I loved moms paragraph about Lagoon and doing stuff for free or nearly free!!! Hahahahaha I'm sitting here laughing my head off! I have the best mom ever! :) "Ill do anything less than dress up in a full cow suit" Priceless! hahaha I'm sure the boys had a great time at Lagoon! 

I was thinking about what dad was saying a few weeks ago about a trip to Argentina when I get back, and I forgot to mention it when dad first wrote it, but I think that would be super cool, because you two wouldn't need to learn Spanish nor pay for an interpreter man hahaha ;)  j/k, but that would be really cool and go to the temple down there! :) But you don't need to mention this in the weekly letter if you don't want people seeing this hahaha :) 

This week was good, No rain! Super weird, maybe some time this week! It has been really really hot here! Haha we are cooking like lobsters here with 85% humidity! haha :) 

We have been searching a lot this week for some new people! I love the people here, everyone is positive, there are just some people that are a lot more receptive than others! We found these four women sitting outside their house last night and put a baptismal date for the end of August! Super cool, but we will see if they progress. If they don't go to church, than they wont progress. I don't know about other places, but here the rule is Three times in church before we can baptize them, but other places, like parts of Mexico, its 5 times before they are eligible for baptism. So that is how we tell if they are prepared from the Lord, if they will complete with their commitments.
Me, just messing around before baptism

We baptized Ima this week, and she was defiantly prepared by the Lord :) We found her a month ago, and it was really cool how we found her. She is pretty rich, and the rich houses here are really hard to enter in because they have like 4 doors we have to go through. Anyway we were walking along in the street, and I had a super strong feeling that we needed to contact this guy walking in the street, and as we were talking to him, The family of Ima was selling one of their cars, and so we were stopped in front of the car, talking to this guy, who wasn't positive at all haha, but the Mom of Ima came out of her house and asked us if we were looking at the car, and that was when I had a really really strong feeling to talk to the mom of Ima. So we said bye to this man, and walked up to this house, and began to talk to this lady, and she let us in her house and that is when we found Ima :) We put a baptism date with her, and a week later went to church, was reading the book of Mormon, and the pamphlets :) and hasn't missed church or a day of reading since! She commented one day that she knew the Book of Mormon was true and that she can't seem to stop reading it! Anyway that is the story of Ima :) Super awesome!
Ima's Baptism

We are working with this family right now named Vanessa and Wilber. They aren't really all that positive, and yesterday in the night Elder Mazariegos and I were talking about them, and we both were feeling like we need to baptize them. We don't know why, they aren't all that positive, but there is just a feeling that we both have. I don't know,  what the Lord has in store for them, but we will keep working with them :) 

Anyway that is my week! :) huge letter! :) 

I love you guys! 

Elder Naisbitt