Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 18 - April 28, 2014'.

Week 18 - April 28, 2014

Mom!!!! :) family and friends,

I'm sorry you were so sick! I will definitely be praying for you and for your test results! Lauren is so head over heels for this Wade kid! I need a picture of this child to approve! How dare she date a boy without my permission! hahaha j/k :) Dad says your hooked on Candy Crush hahaha :) That is so funny! You and Ash rocking your Hipads! :) hahaha dad sent me a picture of my Elphy! She looks like a rag doll!!! she is probably really sad and lonely without me constantly scratching her belly ;) hahahahah jk :) Crazy its time for Race for the Cure,  again!!! Ahh time is cruising! :) 

So this week was really great! We prepared for two baptisms and for 2 other confirmations on Saturday of past investigators! :) This first kid to be baptized was Kenyon! He is super awesome! :) Super Pilas (battery hahaha we use the word pilas for investigators that progress really fast and are just constantly wanting to get better, because the Energizer bunny just keeps going and going haha :) ) haha.. funny missionary lingo :) Anyways, he is super Pilas! :) Hey got baptized in 3 weeks and we really didn't have to do much teaching hahaha, he read everything and just understood what he needed to do! :) His mom is a less active member and his "dad" is a return missionary! The dad isn't married yet to the lady, but the kids are the ladies from a previous marriage.  Sorry, tons of information. haha :)

The other little girl was mission baptism. The family is all way active, they just hadn't baptized their one daughter, so we got to do it because she was over 9.  Free baptism.  hahaha :)

Then on Saturday night we had our ward talent show! That is what most of the pictures are of haha :) There was a group of kids that performed in English and sang a song haha.  It was super impressive! Other kids in the primary just danced to cool music :) Some made sculptures of Angry Birds.   Overall it was an awesome night!

Today we had a zone activity at the National baseball park Masaya! It was super fun! We played baseball and kickball all morning! :) It was SO HOT though! The sun down here is so strong and it just torches everything! The grass in the field was the only green grass I have ever seen here in Nicaragua! 

Changes are this Wednesday!! I am almost 100% sure I will have changes, because they won't leave a new missionary working with zone leaders longer than they need to! I don't know where I am going, I get told this Wednesday at change meeting! Then I will take a ride on a micro bus with my new zone leader to my new area with my new comp! hahahaha craziness!! :) So next week I will be emailing you from my new area! :) Wish me luck!!! ;) 

I love you mom!!! :) Did you get the package yet????????? 

Love Elder Naisbitt

Hey Dad! I loved the Pictures!!! :) Elphy looks like a mess haha :) I miss that pooch!! She looks so sad without me there haha, jk :) It sounds like Lauren had an awesome time! She is head over heels for this kid! If I were home I would torment her and him  so much!!!!! hahaha I had no Idea I had an accent, you heard it in the last video? haha :) That is so funny! :) I haven't noticed hahaha :)

So this week was just a normal week, working like horses haha :) But on Saturday we had a ward talent show that is what the majority of the photos and videos are haha :) It was super funny and super fun! :) There was a group of young men that sang in English which was very  impressive!! :) Then we baptized one boy and one girl :) The Boy is so awesome, named Kenyon! We have been teaching him for about 3 weeks! He progressed super fast! and he is super intelligent! The girl was baptized by her dad but since she was over 9 she was a baptism for the mission rather then for the ward :) then today we went and played baseball where the National team plays haha :) It was super fun Zone Activity! :) We had a blast! It was so hot! hahaha :) 

That was pretty much our week hahaha Sorry not else much happened haha. But I will find out tomorrow if i have changes, then we have change meeting on Wednesday to see where we are going! :) It is pretty definitive I will have a changes, I just don't know where hahaha :) I ll email you guys next week from my new area and my new Comp! :) I'm  sad I'm leaving Masaya, but ready to work on my own with just my comp and my area and just put our heads down and work! :) 

Have an awesome week Dad!!!! :) I love you!! Thank you for all of the support!!! :) 

con amor

Elder Naisbitt

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Week 17 - April 21, 2014

Week 17 - April 21, 2014

Mom, family and friends
I can't believe Lauren is a legal driver!!! How Crazy, I feel like I was Just getting my licence! Craziness! I'm glad Arizona was awesome! Did you get a chance to go to the temple and do a session or just the pageant outside? I have seen pictures of the Gilbert Temple! It looks gorgeous! I will never take having a temple near me ever again!!! It is so hard not having one here! Ugh I miss Toy Story too! One family we were visiting had it on their TV and I was super Trunky! (missionary phrase which means you are thinking of home and "packing your trunks" hahaha) :)
Okay so this week down here was Semana Santa ( Holy Week) for the Catholic Religion, which is basically Easter, but it was absolutely crazy!!!!! People in the States have never seen anything like this ever! So since the middle of March there have been little processions going past our house and around Masaya and it has been people caring around Christ with his cross and a small Band following it around haha. But This week escalated! I have never seen anything like this ever!!!  I have a few videos and a ton of pictures with us on our balcony of our house watching this procession on Friday night, and there is a figure of Christ in a casket and behind it was three little kids next to a glowing cross! Sorry for the bad pictures, the lights on these things were absolutely crazy! Sunday was crazy too, there was a ton of fireworks and a procession of the resurrected Christ! Super dramatic!
Elder Naisbitt's Residence

So,  while all of this was going on, we baptized another little boy! He was a kid of a family who were less active, and he had been a few times in church so we just had to convince the parents that the Church was where this kid needed to be :) It was great! The kid is a super cool kid and should stay active because his grandparents are Active :) And next week we have another baptism lined up! :) This next kids name is Kenyon and is super cool as well. He is around  12 years old and he is super smart, and has progressed super fast! We are really excited for that one!
A family we baptized 
We have a new family named Kenya &  Jonathon! They are super young, but Kenya is super intelligent and has been reading the Book of Mormon a ton and reads it to her boyfriend everyday! They are progressing to fast and completing with their compromises! They will go down in the water in May for sure! Too bad I Wont be here for that! GYARRRRRRRRR :) I'll be transferred by then.
Well That has pretty much been my week! I love you mom! And no I haven't gotten the package yet! I will probably get it at change meeting! :) Have an Awesome week mom! If there is anything I can do for you, Let me know! :) OH, I forgot to tell you last week,  I sent a package home and it should get there  tomorrow, or sometime this week! Its got little presents for you and the family! hahaha I wish I could explain what yours was, but I thought It looked really pretty :) I love you!!! :)
Elder Naisbitt
Samana Santa (Holy Week)

Hey Dad! :)
I'm glad you had a great Easter! Our Easter was good, but no one ever feeds us dinner... Our members are kind of stingy... but its also because Everyone is focused on s Samana Santa (Holy Week) for Catholics! Its pretty wild.  Some of the members go to the Catholic celebrations because  they think it is fun!! Its super Frustrating! I have two videos and a ton of photos of the processions walking in front of our house on Friday! Hahaha Its pretty ridiculous! They have a huge band walking behind the statures and caskets playing music haha. Its so hard to do missionary work during this time of the year because of how passionate people are about being catholic, even the Evangelicals become Catholic this time of the year because of big of celebrations that are occurring , haha crazy! :)
That was pretty much our week! Changes are next Wednesday, I should find out if I have changes next Tuesday, but I wont find out where I am going  until the Change meeting Wednesday.
Have a great week Dad!!!! :)
Con Amor!
Elder Naisbitt
PS.. I miss Elphy a ton! Send me a picture when you can! :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 16 - April 14, 2014 - Earthquakes!

April 14, 2014 - Week 16


 I'm sorry you were sick!!! Que Triste! Lo Siento! I hope you are feeling much better now! :) I have not eaten any Iguanas yet, but my companions have,  and they say its really great! hahahaha :) Lauren, I'm sure is losing her mind planning  MORP and stuff!! I can't believe that she will be driving this week! How Crazy!!! :) Cute little Chauck Chewback is Vieja!!! :) (old) Yeah,I miss home sometimes! Some days I want nothing more than to just walk back into OUR home and play with my Elphy and hang out with you guys! Then I just realize that I am not supposed to be anywhere but here! :) I miss you guys a ton, but I will see you soon! :) Spring time.. I forgot what that feels like... All we feel is 100+ degrees everyday hahaha its the hottest time of the year right now! It's so hot hahaha luckily the humidity doesn't hit till May, when the rainy season begins hahaha :)

This week was really great! We baptized a woman name Rosa! Thank goodness! She was so fun to teach, but her problem was that she lived in Managua, so we could only teach her on Sundays when she would come to church with her boyfriend name Mario! But she was really awesome! We had not taught her everything, but she just accepted the gospel, and knew that it was true because of how she could the blessings in her boyfriend's life! That is why Member Missionary work is SO Freaking Important!! :) This work is not called missionary work, and it should never be called that! This is the work of Salvation, and everyone needs to be apart of it! This missionaries can only prepare for baptism, but the members are the key! When I get home from my mission, I will take up the challenge in General Conference, given by Elder Ballard! Invite one person every Quarter to come to church and here the lessons from the Missionaries! I really hope that everyone back home will take this same goal! THE FIELD IS WHITE!!!! That is a promise, not an observation from Christ! If we try to reap with our might, we will have success! We have activated  so many members here! Missionary work in our ward has taken off because we have the members help!

So Now that I am done giving my Machetes,  hahaha, I just have to say that how crazy it is here right now! We have felt +6 earthquakes in 4 days! They are super strong and its pretty sketchy, hahaha We had 3 quakes yesterday, a small one during the day and two more during the night hahaha.  I'm so tired hahaha.  My companions and I slept near the front door, so if a really bad one hit we could get out of the house fast with just our shoes and shirts and basketball pants hahaha :) Luckily we didn't have to do that, but we will see how tonight goes! We had like 0 electricity yesterday because the power kept getting knocked out due to the earthquakes. All of Masaya was in Dark last night for like 2 hours and everyone was in the streets waiting for the earthquake to hit again.  It is very strange. Times are crazy here, but we are doing great! :) Everyone is kind of worried about the volcano nearby and if Masaya gets hit hard it could upset the Volcano, so we are hoping that they earthquakes stay smaller than an 8! haha, But I know that we have been getting pretty close these past few days haha, but other than the earthquakes we are doing great! One of the pictures I  have this week is my scriptures, and it basically explains our situation! :) Its pretty funny :)
scriptural references re: the numerous earthquakes near Managua, this past week.

The  other pictures are these:
1. Me eating a fruit called a guanabana! Super great! It had a funky texture, but with some milk, its really good!
Guanabana fruit, best with milk
2  & 3. are pictures of me on Friday, getting chocolate cake rubbed in on my shirt haha :) The shirt was Elder Grays, but he told me to switch shirts before District meeting :) The example was we need to give people the gospel on a plate and give it to them and let them try it, rather than forcing them to eat it :) super funny I wasn't expecting it hahaha
Elder Gray and Elder Naisbitt teaching an object lesson.
4. is elder Macias with my glasses haha Speaking of glasses, I am just going to wear my glasses for the time being, so don't worry about rushing the contact solution. Thanks mom, sorry to be confusing and frustrating with this!
5. and 6 and 8 are pictures of a bag of fresh mango's a ward member gave us!!! There is like 30 inches here and they are so awesome! :) They were like when you finish these just come back and we will give you more! They have Two HUGE Mango trees in their backyard! YUMMY!!! :)
Mango's, Yum!

I am loving my mission!! This is where I am supposed to be! I love you mom! Have an awesome week! Hope you get feeling better!! :)

Con Amor
Elder Naisbitt

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week 15 - Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 15 - Monday, April 7, 2014

Mom :)
Garrett loving Masaya and his little friend

Wow what an Awesome week! Lauren is 16! Crazy!!!!!!! She will almost be 18 when I come home... totes cray cray! Italian food.... and dad said you went to Tracies Sunday night with and made a Thanksgiving Dinner.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hahahahahaha rice and beans, is about as exotic as the food gets here! hahaha maybe some chicken if the members have money, but usually its just gallopinto with eggs and a dinner roll hahaha :) Good thing I love gallo pinto, because I would be so sad hahaha :) Poor Ash... :( I am sure he is hurting.... But that's awesome he is taking Piano! I am sure his smart baby brain is just loving it! :) Erin will be a good teacher.

I got the news in my first interview with President Russel this week, which went really well. He told me I will have changes this transfer.  That will be on the 30th  of the April! Que triste! I am in love with Masaya! But I'm also super excited to be moving on from the zone leaders,  and show the President I know how to work hard! :) Thanks for the contact solution :) and crocks are alright, but not necessary right now. My sandals you got me before I left are working perfectly :) The rain will start in May, but right now it's just super super hot!!!! I am doing great right now! Conference was really great! I loved it! I loved three talks a ton! Elder Bednar's, Uchdoorf's on gratitude, and Elder Oak's in Priesthood Session!
Garrett's district before confernce
We lucked out in conference! Usually the gringo missionaries have to watch the session in Spanish, but the stake presidency let all of the gringo missionaries be in a different room and watch it in English! It was a really huge blessing! Spanish is coming along super duper fast! I am just trying to figure out the little rules that really make the difference in Spanish! But I feel like I am doing really well! I think its a gift from God for me! So I really thank Heavenly Father So much for helping me!
Anyways, This week should be really great! We should be baptizing another little kid this week! :) We are so happy!! :)

Not sure why he's got all of theses "Damnation" scriptures.

The little kid was supposedly baptized, but the form got lost, so technically he is an investigator, and needs to be re-baptized so he can receive his membership number. haha :) So that will be an easy baptism! :)
Another great week is gone by! I cant believe how fast time is going now! Its feels like Mondays are coming fast and faster! :)
Hope you guys have a great week this week!!! :) Don't eat too good of food... hahaha.  Oh and the first place we will go when I get back is Red Robin! :)

Have a great day and week mom! I love you! :)

Elder Naisbitt


I have not been called Godzilla yet... hahahaha but its funny when we walk down the street we get called big, medium, and  small hahahaha :) Its pretty funny! :) I am doing great right now! Conference was really great! I loved it! Three talks were the best! Elder Bednar, Uchtorfs on gratitude, and Elder Oaks in Preisthood Session!

 We had intrviews this week and President told me I will have changes at the end of April...Que Triste! But That is the life of a missionary hahaha. So I have like three weeks to enjoy Masaya! :) Everyone (my comps.) are saying I will be going to a really hard area and super poor because I was born in such a great country, but we will see hahaha :)
Conference snacks

Oscar (11 year old, I baptized,) is doing great! His family is progressing slowly, but we are trying pretty hard with them! We have a ton of possibilities right now! :) So hopefully before I get changed I can see those! :) I'm glad you had a great week, I hope the Subaru Outback gets working again for Lauren!! Hopefully its nothing to big! Does Laba have her Liciense?? cray cray hahaha I love you dad! :)
Love Elder Naisbitt

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Week 14- March 31, 2014

Week 14 - March 31, 2014

Hola Everybody! :)

I had a pretty good week! We have another possibility for baptism on the 12th of April! We are pretty excited! :) Her name is Rosa, and is a girlfriend of a recent convert! She is really well educated and is  40 years old! She is super cool!  She wants to have more and more of the Gospel, and is loving the Book of Mormon! She is super excited to hear from the Prophet next week! If only everybody in and out of the Church could have that much enthusiasm about The gospel! :) Rosa and her fiance  should be getting married the following week, which will be really cool to see! She lives in Managua, and makes the 1 hour drive to come to church every week! :)
Baptism of 11 year old Oscar, mentioned in last week's post.

Other than that our week was pretty standard. We had a lot of meetings in Managua, since I work with the Zone Leaders. I am learning so much from these two elders! :) Especially how to be Bold and tell people straight up what needs to happen. We study from the New Testament and try to teach like the Savior! If a person could be as bold as the Savior was, and teach with that same power and authority, mission success would take off! :) So that is our goal as a companionship! Its pretty hard!
Thanks for all of your support and All of the prayers on my behalf! I feel them everyday! Thank you so much! :)
Sister's preparing food

Dad, so word on the street is is that ChoclaBach (Lauren) is having a Fiesta!!!! Jealous! That will be fun! Mom also told me the tragic news of the Outback possibly needing a new catalytic converter.... Chupaso! That is like 3 grand to fix too... Hopefully it's just the dumb electronics and not your converter... I'll pray for you guys! I'm so happy Tater (Ashton) made it into Alps! I feel like last year they scored the test wrong, because my tater is a smart baby hahaha :) That is cool that you took Lochlan to see what you do at work, I forgot he wanted to be an Architect! I'm sure he will love it! He is a sophomore, right? Crazy I can remember when you and me helped the Smith's put in their grass out-front of their house and all of us were so young! Crazy! Grandma says it snowed in the Valley! crazy! I never thought I would miss the snow, but I miss it a ton! I'm glad Brexton had a great pinewood derby race and car! How fun! :) Our week was pretty good, Just trying to get people to come to G.C. but getting people here to do anything is a struggle! We are all super pumped about general conference! I feel like  ihave been waiting forever to watch G.C. !

 I FINALLY GOT MY PACKAGE!!!!!!!! I guess when you sent it to the MTC they accepted it and waited to send it with the next group of missionaries that came here to the mission. Crazy MTC hahaha :)  But I love everything, Thank you so much!!!! :) I  feel really bad for saying this now, but do it whenever you can.... but.... i actually was going to ask you to day in the next package to put two big bottles of contact solution... There is only one Farmacia here in Masaya that has it, and the bottle is tiny and it costs like 7 bucks... But I know you just sent this package, so I will just buy a few of them, but when you do send the next package, would that be okay if you could put like two big bottles of solution... Sorry I know I'm like 3 days too late.  Don't worry about sending it right now, I know it cost a ton of money to send stuff. Sorry Momsy! Thank you so much for sending that package! It means a lot and I will look forward to getting it :) I Love you mom! I miss you too!  I know this is where I am supposed to be as well! Thank you for everything mom! Oh and I am super Jealous that you went to Cheesecake Factory when you went to Las Vegas for soccer!!!! Gyarrrr! :)

Oh and PS, I have lost like 20 lbs hahahaha lbs! Totes Cray Cray! :)
Love Elder Naisbitt