Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week 15 - Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 15 - Monday, April 7, 2014

Mom :)
Garrett loving Masaya and his little friend

Wow what an Awesome week! Lauren is 16! Crazy!!!!!!! She will almost be 18 when I come home... totes cray cray! Italian food.... and dad said you went to Tracies Sunday night with and made a Thanksgiving Dinner.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hahahahahaha rice and beans, is about as exotic as the food gets here! hahaha maybe some chicken if the members have money, but usually its just gallopinto with eggs and a dinner roll hahaha :) Good thing I love gallo pinto, because I would be so sad hahaha :) Poor Ash... :( I am sure he is hurting.... But that's awesome he is taking Piano! I am sure his smart baby brain is just loving it! :) Erin will be a good teacher.

I got the news in my first interview with President Russel this week, which went really well. He told me I will have changes this transfer.  That will be on the 30th  of the April! Que triste! I am in love with Masaya! But I'm also super excited to be moving on from the zone leaders,  and show the President I know how to work hard! :) Thanks for the contact solution :) and crocks are alright, but not necessary right now. My sandals you got me before I left are working perfectly :) The rain will start in May, but right now it's just super super hot!!!! I am doing great right now! Conference was really great! I loved it! I loved three talks a ton! Elder Bednar's, Uchdoorf's on gratitude, and Elder Oak's in Priesthood Session!
Garrett's district before confernce
We lucked out in conference! Usually the gringo missionaries have to watch the session in Spanish, but the stake presidency let all of the gringo missionaries be in a different room and watch it in English! It was a really huge blessing! Spanish is coming along super duper fast! I am just trying to figure out the little rules that really make the difference in Spanish! But I feel like I am doing really well! I think its a gift from God for me! So I really thank Heavenly Father So much for helping me!
Anyways, This week should be really great! We should be baptizing another little kid this week! :) We are so happy!! :)

Not sure why he's got all of theses "Damnation" scriptures.

The little kid was supposedly baptized, but the form got lost, so technically he is an investigator, and needs to be re-baptized so he can receive his membership number. haha :) So that will be an easy baptism! :)
Another great week is gone by! I cant believe how fast time is going now! Its feels like Mondays are coming fast and faster! :)
Hope you guys have a great week this week!!! :) Don't eat too good of food... hahaha.  Oh and the first place we will go when I get back is Red Robin! :)

Have a great day and week mom! I love you! :)

Elder Naisbitt


I have not been called Godzilla yet... hahahaha but its funny when we walk down the street we get called big, medium, and  small hahahaha :) Its pretty funny! :) I am doing great right now! Conference was really great! I loved it! Three talks were the best! Elder Bednar, Uchtorfs on gratitude, and Elder Oaks in Preisthood Session!

 We had intrviews this week and President told me I will have changes at the end of April...Que Triste! But That is the life of a missionary hahaha. So I have like three weeks to enjoy Masaya! :) Everyone (my comps.) are saying I will be going to a really hard area and super poor because I was born in such a great country, but we will see hahaha :)
Conference snacks

Oscar (11 year old, I baptized,) is doing great! His family is progressing slowly, but we are trying pretty hard with them! We have a ton of possibilities right now! :) So hopefully before I get changed I can see those! :) I'm glad you had a great week, I hope the Subaru Outback gets working again for Lauren!! Hopefully its nothing to big! Does Laba have her Liciense?? cray cray hahaha I love you dad! :)
Love Elder Naisbitt