Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 18 - April 28, 2014'.

Week 18 - April 28, 2014

Mom!!!! :) family and friends,

I'm sorry you were so sick! I will definitely be praying for you and for your test results! Lauren is so head over heels for this Wade kid! I need a picture of this child to approve! How dare she date a boy without my permission! hahaha j/k :) Dad says your hooked on Candy Crush hahaha :) That is so funny! You and Ash rocking your Hipads! :) hahaha dad sent me a picture of my Elphy! She looks like a rag doll!!! she is probably really sad and lonely without me constantly scratching her belly ;) hahahahah jk :) Crazy its time for Race for the Cure,  again!!! Ahh time is cruising! :) 

So this week was really great! We prepared for two baptisms and for 2 other confirmations on Saturday of past investigators! :) This first kid to be baptized was Kenyon! He is super awesome! :) Super Pilas (battery hahaha we use the word pilas for investigators that progress really fast and are just constantly wanting to get better, because the Energizer bunny just keeps going and going haha :) ) haha.. funny missionary lingo :) Anyways, he is super Pilas! :) Hey got baptized in 3 weeks and we really didn't have to do much teaching hahaha, he read everything and just understood what he needed to do! :) His mom is a less active member and his "dad" is a return missionary! The dad isn't married yet to the lady, but the kids are the ladies from a previous marriage.  Sorry, tons of information. haha :)

The other little girl was mission baptism. The family is all way active, they just hadn't baptized their one daughter, so we got to do it because she was over 9.  Free baptism.  hahaha :)

Then on Saturday night we had our ward talent show! That is what most of the pictures are of haha :) There was a group of kids that performed in English and sang a song haha.  It was super impressive! Other kids in the primary just danced to cool music :) Some made sculptures of Angry Birds.   Overall it was an awesome night!

Today we had a zone activity at the National baseball park Masaya! It was super fun! We played baseball and kickball all morning! :) It was SO HOT though! The sun down here is so strong and it just torches everything! The grass in the field was the only green grass I have ever seen here in Nicaragua! 

Changes are this Wednesday!! I am almost 100% sure I will have changes, because they won't leave a new missionary working with zone leaders longer than they need to! I don't know where I am going, I get told this Wednesday at change meeting! Then I will take a ride on a micro bus with my new zone leader to my new area with my new comp! hahahaha craziness!! :) So next week I will be emailing you from my new area! :) Wish me luck!!! ;) 

I love you mom!!! :) Did you get the package yet????????? 

Love Elder Naisbitt

Hey Dad! I loved the Pictures!!! :) Elphy looks like a mess haha :) I miss that pooch!! She looks so sad without me there haha, jk :) It sounds like Lauren had an awesome time! She is head over heels for this kid! If I were home I would torment her and him  so much!!!!! hahaha I had no Idea I had an accent, you heard it in the last video? haha :) That is so funny! :) I haven't noticed hahaha :)

So this week was just a normal week, working like horses haha :) But on Saturday we had a ward talent show that is what the majority of the photos and videos are haha :) It was super funny and super fun! :) There was a group of young men that sang in English which was very  impressive!! :) Then we baptized one boy and one girl :) The Boy is so awesome, named Kenyon! We have been teaching him for about 3 weeks! He progressed super fast! and he is super intelligent! The girl was baptized by her dad but since she was over 9 she was a baptism for the mission rather then for the ward :) then today we went and played baseball where the National team plays haha :) It was super fun Zone Activity! :) We had a blast! It was so hot! hahaha :) 

That was pretty much our week hahaha Sorry not else much happened haha. But I will find out tomorrow if i have changes, then we have change meeting on Wednesday to see where we are going! :) It is pretty definitive I will have a changes, I just don't know where hahaha :) I ll email you guys next week from my new area and my new Comp! :) I'm  sad I'm leaving Masaya, but ready to work on my own with just my comp and my area and just put our heads down and work! :) 

Have an awesome week Dad!!!! :) I love you!! Thank you for all of the support!!! :) 

con amor

Elder Naisbitt