Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Week 14- March 31, 2014

Week 14 - March 31, 2014

Hola Everybody! :)

I had a pretty good week! We have another possibility for baptism on the 12th of April! We are pretty excited! :) Her name is Rosa, and is a girlfriend of a recent convert! She is really well educated and is  40 years old! She is super cool!  She wants to have more and more of the Gospel, and is loving the Book of Mormon! She is super excited to hear from the Prophet next week! If only everybody in and out of the Church could have that much enthusiasm about The gospel! :) Rosa and her fiance  should be getting married the following week, which will be really cool to see! She lives in Managua, and makes the 1 hour drive to come to church every week! :)
Baptism of 11 year old Oscar, mentioned in last week's post.

Other than that our week was pretty standard. We had a lot of meetings in Managua, since I work with the Zone Leaders. I am learning so much from these two elders! :) Especially how to be Bold and tell people straight up what needs to happen. We study from the New Testament and try to teach like the Savior! If a person could be as bold as the Savior was, and teach with that same power and authority, mission success would take off! :) So that is our goal as a companionship! Its pretty hard!
Thanks for all of your support and All of the prayers on my behalf! I feel them everyday! Thank you so much! :)
Sister's preparing food

Dad, so word on the street is is that ChoclaBach (Lauren) is having a Fiesta!!!! Jealous! That will be fun! Mom also told me the tragic news of the Outback possibly needing a new catalytic converter.... Chupaso! That is like 3 grand to fix too... Hopefully it's just the dumb electronics and not your converter... I'll pray for you guys! I'm so happy Tater (Ashton) made it into Alps! I feel like last year they scored the test wrong, because my tater is a smart baby hahaha :) That is cool that you took Lochlan to see what you do at work, I forgot he wanted to be an Architect! I'm sure he will love it! He is a sophomore, right? Crazy I can remember when you and me helped the Smith's put in their grass out-front of their house and all of us were so young! Crazy! Grandma says it snowed in the Valley! crazy! I never thought I would miss the snow, but I miss it a ton! I'm glad Brexton had a great pinewood derby race and car! How fun! :) Our week was pretty good, Just trying to get people to come to G.C. but getting people here to do anything is a struggle! We are all super pumped about general conference! I feel like  ihave been waiting forever to watch G.C. !

 I FINALLY GOT MY PACKAGE!!!!!!!! I guess when you sent it to the MTC they accepted it and waited to send it with the next group of missionaries that came here to the mission. Crazy MTC hahaha :)  But I love everything, Thank you so much!!!! :) I  feel really bad for saying this now, but do it whenever you can.... but.... i actually was going to ask you to day in the next package to put two big bottles of contact solution... There is only one Farmacia here in Masaya that has it, and the bottle is tiny and it costs like 7 bucks... But I know you just sent this package, so I will just buy a few of them, but when you do send the next package, would that be okay if you could put like two big bottles of solution... Sorry I know I'm like 3 days too late.  Don't worry about sending it right now, I know it cost a ton of money to send stuff. Sorry Momsy! Thank you so much for sending that package! It means a lot and I will look forward to getting it :) I Love you mom! I miss you too!  I know this is where I am supposed to be as well! Thank you for everything mom! Oh and I am super Jealous that you went to Cheesecake Factory when you went to Las Vegas for soccer!!!! Gyarrrr! :)

Oh and PS, I have lost like 20 lbs hahahaha lbs! Totes Cray Cray! :)
Love Elder Naisbitt