Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015 - Holy Cow
Dear Mom and Dad

Well its the Monday after changes, and I did not have changes, but Elder Jungers and Elder Sacalxot had changes.... I was super bummed out about that. I still miss them a lot... But the good thing was that I got two awesome Companions! First is one of my best friends in the whole world here in the mission, Elder Merrill! I don't know if you remember hearing about him but I was his district leader when he and I were in Managua! He was the one if you look back at photos, he came to mombacho (the volcano hike) with us, and had the rid and black stripped soccer shirt! Anyway, he is like my best friend here in the mission, and we get along so well! He is from Bountiful, Utah, and has 11 almost a year out on the mission! He is awesome!

Also I received my new son!!!! :) His name is elder Rodriguez and is from El Salvador as my son! :) He is awesome! He has about a year to be a convert to the gospel! He is very humble and loves to work, he is just a little scared of talking to people, but I was the same way! He reminds me a lot of what I used to be about 15 months ago! Time goes by really fast!

Anyway so on Wednesday was changes! I got moved up to ZL1, and now the whole zone responsibility falls over me, which is great, its just a lot! :) but I'm getting better at this whole being a leader of 20 missionaries! :) we are doing really great right now, the zone has baptized 17 people so far, and we have the goal of 30! So we just need 4 this Saturday, and 9 the next Saturday! The zone record of all time here in the zone is 24 baptisms, and we are going to break it with the help of the lord! :) We are super pumped about the that though! :) 

Elder Merrill and Elder Naisbitt - Zone leaders  and the 2nd time serving together.  Best buddies on the mission

We are putting in practice a new plan that we have called, pulling out the juice. Which consists of visiting members, getting less-active references and going to visit the LA with the members. This will help with reactivation, but there is a greater reason we are doing it. Within every LA family there is someone that is not member, be it a child that has passed the age of 9, or a wife or husband that has not been baptized! So this plan will help in those two aspects! Hopefully we can get the members to support us in this plan! :) 

Anyway, I'm doing really good! We have a lot of pressure on us right now to get the zone baptizing and keep it going on a upward improvement! :) I love you guys, thanks so much for the support and love you always give me! 

Love Love!

Elder Naisbitt

Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

Dear Mom and Dad!

Well it sounds like you guys had a great week, minus for the crappy soccer game! I think Mom planned to buy that Gord as well... ;) hahaha KIDDING MOM! :) I love you and your love for Gords! :) Hey I will be sending photos this week for email because drop box is STRRUGGGLINGGGG for space right now, so when you guys get a chance to get those photos changed out that would be tots awesome! :) It was super awesome to see those two ex missionaries the other day! They were my zone leaders when I was in Miraflores, and helped me out a lot there! I look back now, and realize that that area was my first Gethsemane of the mission, and those two missionaries helped me out a lot, especially with my companions that I had. But it was super awesome to see them, and  they sent you that photo! I gave them that email because I figured you would have liked to see it! :) I want to see the Avengers as well! They have some billboards with the new batman movie as well! That will be coming out when I'm home, thank Goodness! :) But the Avengers will be a must watch when I get home! :) Sounds like The Auction was super great, and hopefully Lauren made a lot of money! Texas Road house sounds so good right now haha! Our lunch appointment is struggling as well right now.....#Only Rice And Beans hahaha but we are surviving! She will usually give us a tiny bit of meat, but it is a guaranteed pound of rice, and the other half of the plate are the beans haha :) YUMMMMM Oh by the way, one of the packages made it today, which is perfect timing because the rainy season has just started. The Nicas say around the 20th of May is when the unstopping rain begins, but the Nicas are like how I was before the mission.... a little over exaggerative :) haha but last week it rained cats and dogs in Managua, gratefully we were not there for that. One the news channel it showed people walking up to their chests in water!! 


I'm going to plan on talking with you guys around 7pm! I hope that works for you guys! I'm so excited to talk with you and see you again! I feel like we just talked like a few weeks ago though for Christmas! crazy! :)


 Funny story time though!

So last week on Thursday night, Elder Sacalxot and I had to deal with some zone problems, so we were up till about midnight, and so we hit the sheets super hard that night. But as I fell asleep for about an hour, I realized it got really hot in the house, and I try turning on my fan, but it wont turn on, and at the same time I hear the other Elders doing the same thing. We all realized that the Power had gone out.... at home that is not too bad, but here it gets so hot at night time, and the other thing a fan is good for is to keep the mosquitoes off of you. So we all are exhausted, and we go out on to our balcony, and sit there for like 2 hours in the middle of the night, waiting for the power to come back, but it never did... so we went inside and fell asleep, and got EATEN alive by mosquitoes! and because of that we did not sleep at all. We woke up the next day and were so dead... the lights did not come on till 11 am that next morning! crazy stuff! 

Elder Sacalxot and I had to go down to Rivas this weekend and help make sure people would get baptized! That was exciting, as well as our zone meeting was awesome! I attached two videos you guys can watch tonight! The first one is about atonement. We used that to help the missionaries understand that as they do not work as hard as  they should, they are rejecting little by little the atonement of Jesus Christ. The video so awesome, and brings the Spirit so strong. The second video we watched at the end of the zone conference, to help pump the missionaries up. This is by far one of my favorite pump up videos! If Laubs needs help getting pumped up for a game, this is the video to watch with her! Its is from the movie, Facing Giants! Super awesome! :) 

We have seen a difference in the missionaries after the zone meeting, and that showed on Sunday, when as a zone we broke the record for investigators in church in the history of the zone! We brought 94 people as a zone! that was so great! we worked so hard for it, and the Lord blesses for those that work! :) we brought 11 people to church! We are still trying to find more investigators, but we are finding people little by little! There has to be a secret to do it! Every area has a secret, and I have found it in all my other areas, but this one. I know I will find it though through the help of the Holy Ghost! :) 


I love you guys! Thanks for everything you do for me!



(Pump Up)

Elder Sacalxot (Comp)

Elder Jungers & Elder Naisbitt (Elder Jungers is Garrett's Son) weird mission term.

The market

On the way to the Market

Post market, they found Nesquik, happy missionaries

Sunday, May 3, 2015

May 2, 2015

May 2, 2015 ( email from another missionary's mother

Julie and Travis,

My name is Jalyn Hammond and I am in Nicaragua right now. My son, Elder Bringhurst, along with his friend and companion, Elder Walton, were zone leaders for your son in Las Palmas last June.

We have been in Nicaragua this week and last night we were driving through Jinotepe and saw two elders walking. Once Kyle and Andrew realized it was Elder Naisbitt, they were so excited. We stopped and they had a small reunion right there. I took this picture and wanted to send it to you. Your son looks very healthy and happy. His Spanish is great too.

The people here in Nicaragua are so kind and accepting. I now realize why Kyle loves them so much.

Have a great day!