Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 27, 2014

August 27, 2014
Mom and Dad!

I hope you guys had a great week! It sounded like you did! That's awesome dad that you are in Argentina again! I feel like you are there a lot, but I guess it happens one time every six weeks, which is the same for us haha :) Hopefully the temple is going along good and that it is finally making good progress! That's way cool you were able to talk to the missionaries, and that foreign exchange student! That could've been really bad if that girl went with that guy! At least she called and was able to get on the right path! I will respond to your question in a separate letter! Sorry I completely forgot to do that last week, but i will for sure do it! :) I didn't hear from mom, I hope she is doing good!

Marriage of Veronica and Arnoldo

So this week we had two baptisms! It was really awesome! on Saturday we baptized Arnoldo, which was awesome! He told us yesterday, that he feels "different" but a really good different! WE explained to him that that feeling was the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost! It was really cool! I really want his wife to get baptized this week, but i don't think she is quite ready, but we will be helping her anyway we can! We also baptized a lady named Marlene! She was one of the prepared investigators of the Lord! She read everything and went to church every week! It was really crazy though, on Saturday she called us and said that she wasn't going to get baptized that day because she wanted her family´s support, and we explained to her that she need to complete with God before her family, and that everything would work out if she did that, but she really wanted that support, so we changed her date to yesterday (Tuesday) so her family could make it. But yesterday, we show up and she is sick, and her family wasn't going to support her.... she was pretty dis animated, because she really wanted to be baptized, but she showed her faith to the Lord and made the decision to get baptized. But the Lord really tried her faith, because he sent the worlds biggest rain storm in the world!!!! We got her ready in her house, and these huge dark clouds literally came out of no where, and it began to rain, and didn't stop raining till 5 in the morning! The roads were literally rivers! I can officially say that i have swam in my mission! It was absolutely crazy! But we got her baptized, and we were super soaked too! :)

Oh I forgot to mention, we married Arnoldo and Veronica too! So that was really awesome! It was such a good marriage! 

That was basically my week! So just to give you guys the heads up, I will be writing you next week, but on Saturday, because changes are on Wednesday! so that means we wont be sleeping from Monday till Thursday, and now what is even crazier that just got added to my list, is that we will have General Authorities coming to Nicaragua Friday September 5th, so that will be another stressful day, and full of getting missionaries to one building and food, and dealing with the GA at the same time!! AHHHHHHH haha I'm going to be so dead on Saturday! I will write, and then sleep allllllll day hahaha. what is really hard though, is that because we are so busy during change week, we don't even get to teach our investigators, because we are so busy! so we will see who will go to church on Sunday!\
 But anyway, wish me luck next week :) 

I love you guys! 

Just to let mom know, I used my card today to buy two ties, and a sweet pair of dress shoes for 22 bucks! Ill send you photos in a few days of the shoes! :) It was a steal!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) 

Baptism of Marlene
Baptism of Arnaldo
Me and comp.
Ill send you the photo descriptions later!
Taken from the car I get to drive  2014 Toyota Hilux
Elder Naisbitt

p.s. today marks 8 months out! :D WOOOHOOOO!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

8/21/13 Wheh, finally time to write my letter home

8/21/14 --- Wheh, finally time to write my letter home

Mom and Dad :)

sorry yesterday was super hectic, and we didn't have anytime to write! But i loved the photos! :) I put some photos on Drop box of some investigators that we have :) They are super awesome, and the Dad of them all is going to get baptized on Saturday, and we are marrying them tomorrow! :) sounds like you guys had a blast up at island park! i cant wait to get back and play golf again with dad and ash and grandma! :) those were awesome time! :) I cant believe the Bishopric has been changed! How crazy! My votes for Bishop: Dad, Ryan Colton, Curtis Reese, and Russ Cruise ;) hahaha :D anyway I'm excited to hear about what will happen! :)
A cool kid from Masayas

So change meeting is coming up in two weeks, so i have two more weeks to prepare and take in as much as I can! Elder Watteyne is heading home to, so "I'm going to kill him" as we say in the mission! :) I'm happy I'm killing him, he is super awesome with the investigators and always has a great attitude about situations! We work really well together, and I'm learning a bunch about how to listen better to the investigators, and respond and teach according to what they say, rather than just teach what we had planned! the influence of the spirit is so much strong when i teach like that! I had a really cool experience with that family i mentioned last week, Elvis and Yasmina this week! we showed up, and we had an alright lesson, we taught the restoration, but we just could figure out how to relate this to their lives, and so we finished teaching, and they really understood the lesson, and the main points, it just wasn't as spiritual as we would've liked, but then i felt like i should just testify about what we had taught, and we finished the lesson, and left. We came back two days later, and verified if they had prayed about what they had read, and Yasmina told us that she prayed, but she felt the spirit hit her really hard as i was testifying the other night, and what she was hearing was true! it was really great to be able to see her receive an answer from the Lord by using my testimony :) super awesome!     

Anyway, my week in the office was pretty crazy! we had like a money emergency here in the mission, so took up a ton of time, and then at the end of the whole thing, it all worked out, and wasn't as bad as i thought! :) Everything in the office, just keeps on getting more and more normal haha. but now we are planning for the change meeting that is coming up in a few weeks! This is the week that we will not sleep, because we are up all night preparing food, the change papers, new missionaries, old missionaries..etc. it will be pretty crazy! Usually changes only happens from Monday to Thursday, but this week we have a huge mission reunion on that Friday too, and I guess a general authority is coming down, so that will be a week of 0 sleep!!! I'm kind of freaking out! But I'm sure everything will work out good! :)

So tomorrow we are marrying a family, and then we will be baptizing the husband on Saturday! :) That will be really awesome! His name is Arnoldo, and his Wife is Veronica :) Veronica will be baptized in the coming week, she doesn't feel ready, so we are giving her one more week of preparation to be ready! In that same house we should be baptizing two more families in the next month! :) they are super awesome! :) We have been teaching a new family, that i mentioned last week, and we taught them the Book of Mormon yesterday, and they totally felt the spirit and totally accepted the book :) It was really awesome! They will definitely get baptized in September! that is an awesome family of 5 too :) wooooo hooooo big families :)

Other than that, we are just helping some new people get to be positive and go to church, and try to revive the fire in the old Investigators :)
I love you guys a ton! I hope everything is going well! :)

Elder Naisbitt

August 20, 2014 - Pday too busy to write

August 20, 2014 - Pday too busy to write

Mom and Dad! 

You guys had a pretty crazy week it sounds like! I miss Yellowstone A  LOT!
Sounds like you guys had a really awesome week!  I cant believe that it is Yellowstone time already! I miss golfing a lot too!! :) Oh well! I feel like time is just flying by!

Hey Ill finish up the letter tomorrow, I dont have anytime, but tomorrow in the morning I will!!!! Sorry! we really dont have much of Pdays anymore! but I love you and look for pictures tomorrow and the letter!! I love you a ton!

Elder Naisbitt

August 13, Financier in the Office / Tracking in the evening

August 13, Financier in the Office / Tracking in the evening

Mom and Dad :)
First week that I have been Neglected :D JK hahahaha I know you guys are up at Island Park and im sure you dont have Wifi! hahaha Ill look for your email later in the week! :) I saw the photos of Ash and the Kays! :) I miss Yellow Stone! I saved that Picture of ash next to the sign! He looks so awesome! :) did Laubs go with you guys too?? Ill look for more photos later on the week too! :)

So basically my week was really really simple! hahaha office work has slowed down, So Elder Watteyne and I have been our area a lot more this week, which has been really really nice! The first week here in the office, I was so excited to be able to work like this, but now i do everything I can to get out of the office! I usually get everything finished and organized before lunch time, and from 12-4 I just sit around hoping that something happens haha. So we have been more focused in the work this week which has been really awesome!

We have been trying to build up possibilities for the month of September, which is going really well! We put a Baptismal date with a new family, which has four members in it! They are super awesome! There are 2 kids, and three adults! :) The two parents are, Elivs and Yasmina, and I cant remember the daughters names, and then the other adult is the sister of Elvis, named Marise :) They are super awesome! :)

Im picking up new vocabulary here in Nicaragua too! hahaha its pretty funny! People here always say "Ni Quiera Dios!" "God Doesnt Want that" hahahaha its pretty funny! haha So like when we see something that we would be like, wow that is awful! We say Ni Quiera Dios hahaha :) Its a nicaraguan saying, that i didnt hear it outside of managua, but now that im here the words and says are completely different haha :) its funny :)
I put some photos up on drop Box of my new soccer/playing shoes on Drop Box! They are sweet Nikes that i got for a sweet deal! :)
Thank you so much for everything Mom and Dad! You guys are great! :)

Elder Naisbitt

August 6, 2014 - In the Office/Tracking in the evening

August 6, 2014 - In the Office/Tracking in the evening

Hey Mom and Dad :)

I'm happy that you guys had a good week! I'm sorry mom that you are on the stupid Steroids again! Cancer Sucks!! Hopefully you can get off those as soon as possible! Sounds like you guys had a great time at the baptism of Naughty Kanaughty! :) I cant believe she is 8 years old now! I remember when she was born! Time goes by so fast! That's cool Laubs got to go out on the field and carry one of the flags for the Real game! I have decided that when I get back i need to get more into Real and the Jazz too! I think I'm going to save my money for some season tickets for the Real games haha :) just a thought :) I don't know how many times you are going to have to go back and get that dang tooth fixed! I swear you have a new "better" tooth every 6 months haha!! *pig noise mom always makes when she frustrated haha* :) haha anyway I really hope everything is going good at home! and that everyone is doing good :)

Sorry last week we didn't have much time to write, but this week we are doing better with time haha :) so I didn't get a chance to describe the photos haha. Sooo The photos I put up last week with the guy with the tattoos, is one of our super awesome investigators named Jorge! He is super awesome! He should be getting baptized this week or will be getting baptized the following week! He told us that he is wanting to change his life around, and he has made some serious changes in his life to get where he is at right now! 

The other photos are us eating dinner with one of the recent converts in our area! Her mom always makes us this really awesome pasta! That night she made us spaghetti! :) Super Delicious! Her Name is Arlandys :) Shes super cool too! She always comes with us on visits with her friend, who is in the photo there too :) haha They seem to animate the investigators really well so we always teach with them haha!

Like  I said above we should be baptizing this coming week, and maybe this Saturday! It depends on if Jorge passes the interview, and gets home from a trip in time!

This Sunday was a really awesome day! We brought 4 families to church, which is 8 people! Three of these families were new and are really excited about church now! :) The one of them is really awesome! Their names are Victor and Marta :) Victor used to be a hard time thug and would rob buses and went to jail and stuff! But now he is wanting changes in his life and really wants to be a better person! It is awesome teaching them! They sell donuts and they are really great too! :D haha 

Anyway we are doing really great here! Sorry for the lack of photos! Our area is really really dangerous! like i wish i was kidding. so now i don't carry my camera, or anything expensive anymore. We have had some pretty close calls here, but we are really well blessed from the Lord with safety! I will try and take photos when i can, and I have my camera. we haven't been robbed yet, and i don't think it will happen if we are smart and follow the spirit. 

The Office is pretty calm now. Im just constantly talking with missionaries haha :) everyone in the mission calls me Elder Fachenta or Elder Rich haha. Which was funny the first day, but now its like, I don't have any money, I just move it around! haha :) But these few weeks have been pretty crazy because none of the new missionaries have received their mission credit cards yet, so we have to put all of their money on their companions cards, which has been an awful mess haha but we are coming along haha. 

Hey what I was thinking would be awesome for a package would be Utah Gear haha like a T-shirt and like basketball pants to play in. All of the missionaries have BYU stuff, and I'm feeling like i need to support my team haha :) President doesn't care about the team stuff, and one of my old basketball shorts have a sweet hole in them, and I was wondering if you guys could just look around for some Utah shorts and a Utah T-shirt :) I have looked in the malls and stuff here in Managua, but they don't have anything Utah haha :) thank you!!! I appreciate it! 

I love you guys so much! I'm

really grateful for the support that you give and the prayers that you send towards me :) Have an awesome week! :)

Elder Naisbitt