Thursday, August 21, 2014

August 13, Financier in the Office / Tracking in the evening

August 13, Financier in the Office / Tracking in the evening

Mom and Dad :)
First week that I have been Neglected :D JK hahahaha I know you guys are up at Island Park and im sure you dont have Wifi! hahaha Ill look for your email later in the week! :) I saw the photos of Ash and the Kays! :) I miss Yellow Stone! I saved that Picture of ash next to the sign! He looks so awesome! :) did Laubs go with you guys too?? Ill look for more photos later on the week too! :)

So basically my week was really really simple! hahaha office work has slowed down, So Elder Watteyne and I have been our area a lot more this week, which has been really really nice! The first week here in the office, I was so excited to be able to work like this, but now i do everything I can to get out of the office! I usually get everything finished and organized before lunch time, and from 12-4 I just sit around hoping that something happens haha. So we have been more focused in the work this week which has been really awesome!

We have been trying to build up possibilities for the month of September, which is going really well! We put a Baptismal date with a new family, which has four members in it! They are super awesome! There are 2 kids, and three adults! :) The two parents are, Elivs and Yasmina, and I cant remember the daughters names, and then the other adult is the sister of Elvis, named Marise :) They are super awesome! :)

Im picking up new vocabulary here in Nicaragua too! hahaha its pretty funny! People here always say "Ni Quiera Dios!" "God Doesnt Want that" hahahaha its pretty funny! haha So like when we see something that we would be like, wow that is awful! We say Ni Quiera Dios hahaha :) Its a nicaraguan saying, that i didnt hear it outside of managua, but now that im here the words and says are completely different haha :) its funny :)
I put some photos up on drop Box of my new soccer/playing shoes on Drop Box! They are sweet Nikes that i got for a sweet deal! :)
Thank you so much for everything Mom and Dad! You guys are great! :)

Elder Naisbitt