Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015
Dear Mom and Dad,
Sounds like you guys had a great week! That makes me so happy to hear that your brain tumors and scare tissue are going down!!!! Wow what a miracle! Hopefully this Avastin keeps working as good as it can! I got a call from the Elder Mataalii, old comp in the office, and told me that Tracie dropped off the bag! I don't know if I am going to have changes, so If I don't, I will just have the secretaries put the backpack with the stuff in it, and send it through the mail bag! Thanks you guys!! :) That is great Laub's team won! I loved the pictures on drop box! Hopefully everyone back home has a great Easter week! I'm sure you remember from last year, that Easter here in Nicaragua is the hottest time of the year! It is so HOT! All I do is sweat buckets when we go out and work!
Well this week has been one of the hardest weeks of the mission. Our family did not want to get baptized right at the last second. They had everything, they just did not want to act on the faith and the answer they had received from God, so that was really tough. The assistants called and Macheted us for not getting them baptized. But I was reading an awesome talk from Elder Scott on Saturday night called, "Trust in the Lord." That talk really helped me understand the importance the trust we have in God, and to just keep being obedient. I loved a phrase in that talk, which was, "when God closes one door, he opens more doors of the same importance as the first." That phrase is the phrase of the week here in Bluefields, because on Sunday, literally all of our investigators we had fell, and we were going to bring 0 people to church, but out of the blue, this family was had contacted last week, and another little girl showed up to church on their own! We ended up bringing 14 people to church! It was a miracle for Elder Hanson and I! The family Waggon will get baptized in the Future, I know that! They just need more preparing from the Lord ( Alma 16:16). I have learned this week to take all my trust I had in myself, and throw it all on the Lord! My testimony that God really listens and answers our Prayers has grown! Also that God loves each and everyone of us, no matter what! I will keep you guys updated on how this family progresses!

So like I said above, Changes are on Wednesday, so I will find out tomorrow around lunch what is going to go down! I think President is going to be opening a new area here in Bluefields! If that happens I will stay as DL. If he decides to leave it closed, my comps think I'm going to Zone leader. I have no Idea! I do not want to be ZL, it is a lot of responsibility. But I will do what the Lord wants me to do!

bad weather video

Well I took some photos this week of our one baptism we did have! His name is Curt Myers! He is super great! the baptism service was so funny though! There is an old man here in the branch named Charles Brackett! He is 81 years old, and the Branch President decided he wanted this guy to baptize on Saturday hahaha it was a train wreck! He could not say the prayer, so we had to write it on a piece of paper while he was in the water with Curt Myers haha, and then he kept saying that we was "commissioned by God, and that in the Name of Jesus I baptized you" hahaha after a few tries at the prayer, he finally nailed it and through Curt down in the water! All the members cheered because he finally said the prayer! But all and all it was a good baptism!
Well I hope you guys have a

great week! Learn lots from Conference! Everyone should have a notepad and a pen to take notes! :)
Have a great day!
Love you!
Elder Naisbitt

Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015
Dear Mom & Dad! :)
I loved the pictures!! Kona is a huge dog!! Wow! She looks like she would be a blast! :) I'm sure Elphy was enjoying her time together with her! Elphy always loves to have company! :) Laub's looked very pretty! I could not tell that Braden broke his nose, but that has got to hurt! I'm sure they had a blast together! I'm glad mom is doing good and not feeling any big side-affects! I know the Lord will keep blessing you. I loved the scout stories! That brought back so many memories!!!! I would love to be put in the scouts when I got back! Looks like they had a blast! I'm rooting for the Utes this week!!!! GO UTES! :) Sounds like the temple is going on great too!
So this past weekend, we only were able to baptize two... one fell because he did not want to act on his answer he had received from God. We want to baptize him this coming Saturday, but we will see what we can pull off. The other guy we had, named Curt Meyers, wanted to do it this Saturday instead, because part of
his family that are members would not have been able to make it to the baptism the past week, but he is pumped for baptism on the 28th! We did Baptize Ayoleth and Jerry Merijildo! They are very awesome converts! We are going to go and print them their pictures today, and congratulate them again! We married Ayoleth in the morning, so there are pictures of that as well! I'm can not wait for my next camera...I'M DYING! hahaha I really appreciate your help and getting that to me! I love you guys!
So this weekend we will be baptizing Curt Meyers, and a cool family named: Family Waggon! They are great! They are pumped about baptism and love the church! I think I told you about how we found them right at the last minute of the day, when we could have just gone home, but I felt like we needed to go down this little dark backstreet, and we went all the way to the back and contacted the first house, and started to talk with the Father, Rayco. The rest is history! They have gone to church every week since, and love how we teach and preach! I know they were prepared by the Lord to hear this message! Curt was a boyfriend of a this missionary that is now serving in Boston, Massachusetts! He loves the church, and It was cool, after the interview he was saying  that,

"A lot of people talk really bad about the church and say a lot of stuff like we worship the Devil, and we pray to Joseph Smith, but I decided to try it, and I realized that it was all false. I prayed and asked God if Joseph Smith was a prophet, and now I know. I know this is the church of Jesus Christ, without a doubt."
When he said that It sent shivers down my spine! At times I wish we all could have the testimony that some of these converts have, so simple and pure, but so strong! Growing up in the church you are just taught to believe it, and many never feel what these converts feel. I always expected a huge feeling to hit my heart or to hear the words of God fall upon my soul, but while I was to busy searching for some huge sign, I never paid attention to the simple small feelings of peace that can be felt while praying, reading the scriptures, or sitting in sacrament meeting. I invite everyone who will read this, to look for the peace that comes from God. If you cannot feel that in your life, tune your spiritual radio to find the frequency through which God communicates! I love the example in the scriptures in 3 Nephi 11:1-5 "And again the third time they did hear the voice, and did open their ears to hear it; and their eyes were towards the sound thereof; and they did look steadfastly towards heaven, from whence the sound came."
I have learned to Look for the peace, and to always be in a position in which I can always hear the message God has for me.
I love you! I hope you have a great week!! :)
Elder Naisbitt

Marriage of Ayoleth and Jerry Merijil

Baptism of Ayoleth

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

Dear Mom and Dad!
And another week bites the dust! Crazy huh? Mom, the physical address is correct, if Tracie tells her taxi driver that direction, they will get right there with out any problems! The other shorter address is:
AP 3527
Managua, Nicaragua
If you send that there, it will come just as fast, just to a different location, but the office missionaries go and pick up all of the mail that is sent there.
Poor ash! I feel bad about that girl that he "liked" but im sure he will be fine! How funny he just called Anthony and invited himself over for a sleep over!!!! Hilarious! I was laughing so hard here in the little cyber haha! And Dads comment about Korv getting hit in the nose! #InstantBlood. Funny stuff!
Well I hope that you guys have been able to rest and everything is going well! I'm happy that mom is feeling good, and not having any serious side affects! that relives me! Just crappy diarrhea  There is this little house near our house that sells really really good banana smoothies! But the only downside is that every morning after eating one, you have wicked runs for like an hour, but it is totally worth it! I usually put oatmeal and nuts in my smoothies, and it makes them so good! haha :)
We had some good news this week too! One of our investigators, named Ayoleth had something super awesome pass in her life! Her and her Husband (less active) have been wanting to get married, and Ayoleth wanted to get baptized in the church as well, but there was a massive kink in the plan, Huebert (husband less active) was already married, and never got divorced. And the X did not want to get divorced, so we were kind of in a stand still waiting to see what we could do. So Huebert went to Costa Rica, where he got married with this lady, and ordered a document from the government to see if he was even married legally or if the papers never got submitted. So Huebert finally came back from this trip with the papers, that said he was Single!!!! I guess when he originally got married, the lawyer never submitted the papers, so technically he is still single and not married, which means that we do not have to worry about going through the divorce junk!!!!!! She is going to get married and baptized this Saturday! That was a huge tender mercy we saw from the Lord this week!!
We had one baptism of a kid named Raynor this past week! There are photos of him on drop box! He is a super awesome kid! he was a member of a less active family, and everyone had been active before he turned 8, but then the whole family went inactive, and he just kept getting older until we found him! He is now 12 years old, and loves the church and has a ton of friends!
This coming weekend we will have 4 baptisms! Ayoleth, and three guys named Jerry, Curt, and Ricky! They are super awesome guys that have been preparing for a long time for baptism, and are super pumped to get it done! :) we are on track to have 10 baptisms this month! I thought last week we were not going to hit anywhere near 12, because everyone we had progressing fell, and did not want it right now. But we were able to move a few baptism dates up from April to March, including an awesome family, named Family Wagon! They are one of the greatest families I have ever met here in Nicaragua! They love the church and are super pumped about becoming members of the church in two weeks! So with them we will end this month with 10 baptisms! The lord has blessed us so much! But like I said last week! Ya gotta be obedient! :) We rely so much so much on the Lord in this work!
Also this week, we have to come again to Managua, but this time it is for a good reason! Bishop Davies (GA) and one member from the area Presidency are visiting Nicaragua! It will be a huge conference with the north and south missions! nearly 400 missionaries! It will be a cool experience! We are leaving Wednesday morning from Bluefields, but this time were are going by plane! Whooo hooo! Much better than 8 hours through bus and boat haha :) In plane it is only an hour :)
Well everything is going good for us! I hope you guys have a great week! I love you!

Elder Naisbitt
Dead mouse

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 9, 2015

Monday, March 9, 2015
Dear Mom and Dad,
Sound like you guys had a pretty good week! I hope mom you keep receiving the blessings from the Blessing you received! I know and have seen miracles from giving blessings here on the mission! I know that whatever was said was inspired from our Heavenly Father!! I saw those photos on drop box of the temple! It looks great! My Comp knows Chris Lund, and wants to say hi haha :) Small world! :) I guess they are family friends, idk!
Well this week went by super-fast! and long at the same time! Just some cool stuff that happened first! Here in Bluefield’s there is a plate of food called "Ron Don" which is like a soup made with coconut milk! And then they cook the fish, crab lobster, turtle, whatever it is, in the coconut milk broth! IT IS SO GOOD! So on last Monday we had that with one of our investigators, her husband is a less active, and is a fisherman, and had just gotten back from a fishing trip, and brought this huge fish back, and cooked it up! It was delicious! THEN, on Thursday, another member who’s a fisherman as well, invited us over for food, and we thought it would be just the normal Nica food, rice beans, chicken..etc. But to our surprise it was another Ron Don, but without fish...it was with Lobster tail, and King Crab legs!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the greatest plate of food I have ever eaten here in Nicaragua! All the Lobster was right from the sea, and he gave us each two lobster tails, and half a crab! WOW! It was amazing! I’m sure this is killing you guys, but it was so good! :) I put some pictures on drop box of the lunch!
As far as investigators go, we are crushing it! We are just riding this Spiritual wave of Obedience! We brought 12 people to church, and now we have 14 people progressing for baptism!!! It was a great Sunday, minus a few parts; first off, we will not be having twelve baptisms this month! Everyone that we have for this month is kind of falling though... we are going to get as much as we can for the month of March, but we know that the Lord will keep blessing us with Miracles if we are obedient, and keep on moving forward! I have figured something out about the work of the Lord, all of your success as a missionary of the Lord, all depends on two aspects. First and Primarily, is your personal and companionship obedience! We always say here in the mission, that obedience brings blessings, but Obedience with exactness brings Miracles! I know that is so true, and i know that is true for life after the mission! I love a Scripture in (Ecclesiastes 12:13) that basically says, the only thing we need to do as men is fear God and keep his commandments! The second way to have success here in the mission is your attitude. I could be the most obedient missionary in the world, but it will do me no good if I have a bad attitude about being obedient! We are working our butts off; I have lost like 15lbs here in Bluefields from walking so much and walking fast! I think most of it was water weight from me neck and face haha :) But I am happy with how hard we are working, and even happier with the blessings and help we have received from our Loving Heavenly Father!
I love you guys!
Hope you have a great week! May God bless you and keep you safe!
Elder Naisbitt


Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Mom and Dad!
Well another week went by in a flash! This week we had to go back to Managua though to pull out our Nicaraguan Residency! I had lost mine when I got robbed, and Elder Hanson needed his as well as Elder Soifuas companion Elder Rodriguez! So on Thursday morning, we climbed back on the "Pangas" and went back to Rama, then in Rama we caught the 7 hour "Express" Bus to Managua haha! It went like 30 miles per hour the whole drive haha GRRRRRR :) Bu then in Managua we got to stay in the office house, where all the secretaries sleep. That was super awesome being able to hang out with Elder Mataalii again! I love that kid! Then on Friday we went to Immigration and got our cedulas, and then got back on a bus to go to Juigalpa, where we stayed the night on Friday before going back to Bluefields. On Saturday we got up at 3am to get on the bus back to Rama, to catch the panga to Bluefields haha :) It is such a huge process! But to answer some of your questions, first, Bluefields is MASSIVE! And there are only 4 missionaries here, so it is a ton of walking! When I got back to Managua, I weighed myself, and in a week I had lost 5 lbs!!! haha Elder Hanson walks super fast too, but I'm catching up slowly but surely! So to get stuff from Managua to Bluefields, the office Secretaries just put the mail for us in a mail bag, and send it through the national mail service. and we usually get it in about 4 days, so not too long. When Tracie comes to the office, she can just put the stuff in a box or a bag, and give it to the secretaries there in the office. We usually never leave Bluefield's unless it is necessary because of how much time it takes to get to Managua and back! We are kind of isolated out here haha :)
The branch here in Bluefield's is very very strong! We think President Russell is going to divide the branch into two separate ones because every week Attendance is 190-200! That is better than most wards in the mission. So things here in Bluefield's are going great! The Branch President is Great!
So on Saturday, after 2 hours of getting back from Managua, we had a baptism of a lady named Maria Ester! She was super great to teach! She wanted to get baptized last week, but she drank coffee, so she had to wait! But she loves the church! We are going to be baptizing a lady this week named Ofemia! She is awesome! She has her three times in church, and is ready to be baptized as well! She lives out in the water though! like literally in the water! Her house is built on stilts, and the only way to get to her house is by crossing over so laid out 2X4s about 5 feet off of the water! haha it is pretty sketchy! And when you are in her house, her house moves with the water! She is very  humble and lives a humble life with her dad, and her daughter! Her daughter is preparing for baptism on the 21st of March!  We are also preparing the Mom of Maria Ester for this weekend as well. Her name is Dionisia. She is kind of crazy, and old, but she likes church, and wants to get baptized haha :) Muchas Blessings from  the Lord!
Elder Hanson and I are getting a long really really really well! I think the Lord is blessing me now for dealing with dead lazy missionaries the first half of my mission, so now he is giving me great comps that work really hard haha :) I did not think my old comps were that dead until I left them and got an even better companion....Elder Sanchez, Elder Mazariegos, Elder Kersey, and a little of Elder Hayes... Muchos Muertos haha but I know that the lord has made me a stronger missionary and servant of him for what I have passed through!
Well I hope you guys have a great week! I'm glad that everything is going well! I will be praying and fasting for Mom in hopes of no side affects of this drug! I love you Mom! You're so strong!
Love ya tons!
Elder Naisbitt