Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 9, 2015

Monday, March 9, 2015
Dear Mom and Dad,
Sound like you guys had a pretty good week! I hope mom you keep receiving the blessings from the Blessing you received! I know and have seen miracles from giving blessings here on the mission! I know that whatever was said was inspired from our Heavenly Father!! I saw those photos on drop box of the temple! It looks great! My Comp knows Chris Lund, and wants to say hi haha :) Small world! :) I guess they are family friends, idk!
Well this week went by super-fast! and long at the same time! Just some cool stuff that happened first! Here in Bluefield’s there is a plate of food called "Ron Don" which is like a soup made with coconut milk! And then they cook the fish, crab lobster, turtle, whatever it is, in the coconut milk broth! IT IS SO GOOD! So on last Monday we had that with one of our investigators, her husband is a less active, and is a fisherman, and had just gotten back from a fishing trip, and brought this huge fish back, and cooked it up! It was delicious! THEN, on Thursday, another member who’s a fisherman as well, invited us over for food, and we thought it would be just the normal Nica food, rice beans, chicken..etc. But to our surprise it was another Ron Don, but without was with Lobster tail, and King Crab legs!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the greatest plate of food I have ever eaten here in Nicaragua! All the Lobster was right from the sea, and he gave us each two lobster tails, and half a crab! WOW! It was amazing! I’m sure this is killing you guys, but it was so good! :) I put some pictures on drop box of the lunch!
As far as investigators go, we are crushing it! We are just riding this Spiritual wave of Obedience! We brought 12 people to church, and now we have 14 people progressing for baptism!!! It was a great Sunday, minus a few parts; first off, we will not be having twelve baptisms this month! Everyone that we have for this month is kind of falling though... we are going to get as much as we can for the month of March, but we know that the Lord will keep blessing us with Miracles if we are obedient, and keep on moving forward! I have figured something out about the work of the Lord, all of your success as a missionary of the Lord, all depends on two aspects. First and Primarily, is your personal and companionship obedience! We always say here in the mission, that obedience brings blessings, but Obedience with exactness brings Miracles! I know that is so true, and i know that is true for life after the mission! I love a Scripture in (Ecclesiastes 12:13) that basically says, the only thing we need to do as men is fear God and keep his commandments! The second way to have success here in the mission is your attitude. I could be the most obedient missionary in the world, but it will do me no good if I have a bad attitude about being obedient! We are working our butts off; I have lost like 15lbs here in Bluefields from walking so much and walking fast! I think most of it was water weight from me neck and face haha :) But I am happy with how hard we are working, and even happier with the blessings and help we have received from our Loving Heavenly Father!
I love you guys!
Hope you have a great week! May God bless you and keep you safe!
Elder Naisbitt