Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 27, 2014

August 27, 2014
Mom and Dad!

I hope you guys had a great week! It sounded like you did! That's awesome dad that you are in Argentina again! I feel like you are there a lot, but I guess it happens one time every six weeks, which is the same for us haha :) Hopefully the temple is going along good and that it is finally making good progress! That's way cool you were able to talk to the missionaries, and that foreign exchange student! That could've been really bad if that girl went with that guy! At least she called and was able to get on the right path! I will respond to your question in a separate letter! Sorry I completely forgot to do that last week, but i will for sure do it! :) I didn't hear from mom, I hope she is doing good!

Marriage of Veronica and Arnoldo

So this week we had two baptisms! It was really awesome! on Saturday we baptized Arnoldo, which was awesome! He told us yesterday, that he feels "different" but a really good different! WE explained to him that that feeling was the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost! It was really cool! I really want his wife to get baptized this week, but i don't think she is quite ready, but we will be helping her anyway we can! We also baptized a lady named Marlene! She was one of the prepared investigators of the Lord! She read everything and went to church every week! It was really crazy though, on Saturday she called us and said that she wasn't going to get baptized that day because she wanted her family´s support, and we explained to her that she need to complete with God before her family, and that everything would work out if she did that, but she really wanted that support, so we changed her date to yesterday (Tuesday) so her family could make it. But yesterday, we show up and she is sick, and her family wasn't going to support her.... she was pretty dis animated, because she really wanted to be baptized, but she showed her faith to the Lord and made the decision to get baptized. But the Lord really tried her faith, because he sent the worlds biggest rain storm in the world!!!! We got her ready in her house, and these huge dark clouds literally came out of no where, and it began to rain, and didn't stop raining till 5 in the morning! The roads were literally rivers! I can officially say that i have swam in my mission! It was absolutely crazy! But we got her baptized, and we were super soaked too! :)

Oh I forgot to mention, we married Arnoldo and Veronica too! So that was really awesome! It was such a good marriage! 

That was basically my week! So just to give you guys the heads up, I will be writing you next week, but on Saturday, because changes are on Wednesday! so that means we wont be sleeping from Monday till Thursday, and now what is even crazier that just got added to my list, is that we will have General Authorities coming to Nicaragua Friday September 5th, so that will be another stressful day, and full of getting missionaries to one building and food, and dealing with the GA at the same time!! AHHHHHHH haha I'm going to be so dead on Saturday! I will write, and then sleep allllllll day hahaha. what is really hard though, is that because we are so busy during change week, we don't even get to teach our investigators, because we are so busy! so we will see who will go to church on Sunday!\
 But anyway, wish me luck next week :) 

I love you guys! 

Just to let mom know, I used my card today to buy two ties, and a sweet pair of dress shoes for 22 bucks! Ill send you photos in a few days of the shoes! :) It was a steal!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) 

Baptism of Marlene
Baptism of Arnaldo
Me and comp.
Ill send you the photo descriptions later!
Taken from the car I get to drive  2014 Toyota Hilux
Elder Naisbitt

p.s. today marks 8 months out! :D WOOOHOOOO!