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Saturday, Sept. 6, 2014

Goodbye to Elder Wattenye

Saturday, Sept. 6, 2014

Hey Mom and Dad!
Long time since we have talked! I'm doing great, tired, but really great! I have a lot to talk about, so brace yourselves ;) hahah I'm glad you guys had a great week! Your guys´ steaks sounded unbelievably good.... I will definitely hit that place up when i get back! YUMMMMM haha I'm sorry Dad was so sick last Sunday! How crazy! But at least you were feeling better and were able to go to Milkcreek and have the labor day breakfast! Yummmm :)  That's awesome ash scored a goal last Saturday too! I cant believe that Jake is in the MTC now! How crazy! I feel like he just barely got his call! The same with Mathias!  He will be here in the great land of Nicaragua in like two weeks! I didn't understand what was going on with your elbow, but hopefully that gets better and you aren't in so much pain Mom. But that sounded like a pretty crazy hectic day, hopefully you don't have another one of those! I'm glad Laubs is doing good in soccer and made the CH team! that's awesome! What want to know right now though, who are the new Bishopric. dad keeps saying Bishop, and I'll  have no idea who he is talking about!! keep me updated on the Utes as well!
Well you guys had a pretty crazy week, so did i! So ill just try to keep it brief haha. So on Monday the new gringos come in and we had to pick them up from the airport to the house of the President, and then when they were there we had to go back to our house and drop off the suitcases, and bags at our house. Then we had to go back up to presidents house with lunch, and i had to give a presentation to the news about their support cards and how they worked. After that we went to this place called Pricemart, which is the Costco here in Nicaragua haha. Its pretty sweet. But we go there to buy all of the food (muffins, juice, water, snacks..etc) for the new missionaries. You would not believe the amount of food we buy to keep them fed and happy! So then we went back that night and brought 8 boxes of pizza, and then took them back to our house to sleep and get ready for tomorrow.
Tuesday, is when the new Latinos come in and they basically go through the same process as the gringos. But the Gringos, early early in the morning go out and work with missionaries here in Managua, and get a taste of Nicaragua till about 4 in the afternoon, while the Latinos are up at presidents house. And then at 5 everybody comes up to presidents house and has pizza again, and this time we had 12 boxes of pizza... tons and tons of food! then later that night, all of the new missionaries, Latinos and gringos, come and sleep in our house. but that is only starting our night! we then after they are all settled in their beds, we, along with the APs, come back to the office and start working on changes. President has them all made, we just have to write them all down on papers, that the missionaries will receive the next day at changes. We were up doing that until 5 in the morning.
Wedding preceding baptism

Wednesday, change day. After we got back to our house, we woke up all of the new missionaries and all of us got ready for the Change Day. There is a bus that comes to our house and takes them all from our house and drops them off at the church where we have to Reunion. but during changes we are taking the suitcases of all of the missionaries that go home back to our house(elders), or up to presidents house (sisters), and come back to the church just in time to put all of the missionaries that are going home, on a bus to a nearby city to buy stuff at a market. We go and prepare for the departing dinner at presidents house, and get packages ready for them, that have medicine and other papers for parents, bishops, and themselves. And like I said, that night all of the "deads" have their departing dinner and then just chill out in presidents house until about 10. We are there the whole time cleaning, and making sure we have things for the next day. After all of the partying is done, all of the deads go to bed. the elders sleep in our house and the sisters in Presidents house. But no one goes to bed because we are all awake weighing bags, and helping the deads get ready for their plane ride home. 
All the secretaries and APs
Thursday in the morning we were out of the house at 3 AM on a bus to go to the airport, and send the deads off haha. Once all of them have been checked in, we just send them through security, and then they are gone!!!!! President usually tells us to go home and sleep, which is what we did. I had never been so tired in all of my life haha. We got home at 6:30 am and slept till 12, and at 12 we had to start to do stuff for President and other missionaries.
WoW, so that is change week. The general
Elder Wattenye  and investigator
Authorities didn't end up coming, so yesterday wasn't stressful, thank goodness!
Wedding preceding baptism

The two families we baptized that  live with Veronica & Arnoldo

But on top of all of this, we baptized 7 people this week!!!!! :) That huge family i have been telling you about and Marlene, our other investigator we have! It was so awesome! Elder Watteyne´s last week in the mission and we baptized 7 people! We baptized 8 people the whole change together! :) It was pretty amazing! As a mission we baptized 240 people! :)  
I have the pictures of the baptism as well, so I'm sure you will enjoy that! :)

Well sorry for that huge letter, but now you know what happens during change week for us haha. I hope you guys have an awesome week! :)
I love you a ton! Tell ash I'm going to the market today and going to get him birthday stuff, so be expecting a package in the coming weeks :)
Love you!
Elder Naisbitt