Saturday, September 20, 2014

September 20, 2014 - Saturday

September 20, 2014 - Saturday

Mom and Dad!
How are you?? I loved your letters, and I loved the pictures, especially the one with Ash screaming with his mouth wide open! That made me smile! haha sounds like you guys had a great week though! I'm sure the soccer girls loved those dinners! but  I can't believe that car accident happened to that girl! How tragic! Hopefully she will be getting better soon! But that is awesome dad is in High Priests now! every 3 Sunday he will be giving his talks now! idk (I don't know) what is worse... conducting meetings or having to talk more often in sacrament meetings.... but I'm sure Dad will do great! :) I cant believe it is Ash´s last year of pinewood derby! How sad! but the car looked pretty sweet, as well as the pictures! Cant wait to see those pictures of Lauren in the next week! :) she will look so great! Speaking of Lauren i finally got her letter! :) tell her I will be working on a return letter :) I love you guys!
Elder Roney swinging the bug zapper - killing mosquitos

Elder Soifua, Elder Lau, Elder Naupoto, me, and Elder Roney!

me, about to eat 1st lasagna is almost 9 months!

Sister Russell showed up at our house and gave us a huge thing of Lasagna for doing such a good job on these multizones haha :) but it was the first time in almost 9 month i have had lasagna, let alone, home made delicious lasagna! :) hahaha so good!

 I have been so unbelievable busy haha I cant believe it! but im finally not stressed :) we had two huge reunions called multi-zones, and we are in charge of everything! Food, presentations, transportation, medicine, mail, and just keeping everything moving haha! It's was pretty crazy! And in three weeks, changes hit, and we are busy again! IT NEVER ENDS!!!! hahaha :) But like I said, I'm doing really good! We got caught on sleep , and feeling great! :)
Elder Kersey and I are really trying to find some new people in our area! We fasted to find 2 new families in our area, and we have finally found them this week! They are super awesome! One is named, Julio and Vanessa, and the other is Juan Carlos and Ana :) yesterday we watched the movie, the Restoration with Ana, and she absolutely loved it! Juan Carlos was working, but she told us that she had never felt like that while watching a movie, and she was super excited about being able to share this movie with her husband! they are super excited about Joseph Smith! Julio and Vanessa are still really new, so we still have to teach the Restoration, but they are really great, and they are really looking for the truth! I'm really excited to the next month! :)
I love you guys so much! I will be looking forward to those packages! Your so awesome! :) I'm  almost at 9 months out! October will go by really fast, so will the rest of the year! wow! :) time is cruising! :)
all office missionaries went in on board game to play on PDays

Love you!

Elder Naisbitt