Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sept. 24, 2014 -

Sept. 24, 2014 -  (I forgot to post this letter...sorry)

Mom and Dad!
Go Utes! Hopefully they win again this week! I have heard BYU´s quarterback is really good! That would be cool to see him get the Heisman! (no I'm still a Utah fan)!!!!  haha sounds like you guys had a really full week of traveling and getting from place to place! as to Mom´s question about the Xbox! I would be alright with it, i will just feel super betrayed! haha no just kidding! I think it would be awesome! But if you buy an Xbox 1 because from what I heard before I moved through the "veil" was that we could add onto the Xbox 1 and not just have it become an outdated dinosaur in 1 more year! haha but its your decision! I am 2000 miles away and i don't have much leeway haha but I would be down just to have one before I came home.... :) and to answer Dad´s question, I will be killing Elder Kersey as well as I did with Elder Watteyne! Elder Kersey has his finally interview with President next Tuesday! its pretty crazy! Then the change meeting is on my Birthday, like smack-dab the 15th of October! hahaha Yay for me and getting no sleep! Whoo hoo best birthday ever! :) just kidding, it will be really awesome!  Anyway, it sounded like Ash had a great time, and that photo of ash eating those waffles, is priceless! and i cant believe that Lauren is getting so OLD! she looks like she is 20! sorry Dad... haha but she looked stunning in those photos! I saw on the church news, the new dedication! that temple is super beautiful! That's super awesome ash went on his scout camp last week too! Everyone is growing up! But I still feel like I'm 17-18 haha its a weird to think about haha :)
E. Naisbitt, just chillin'
Oh by the way I put Ash´s birthday package in the mail today!   I love Ash´s gifts! I tried looking for an Nicaraguan Flag, but I could not find one in time :) Oh well, next package right? :)
We will be baptizing a really awesome guy this week named Ruben! He has a really huge story, So next week I will tell you guys all about him, and this guys huge amount of faith! Our other two families are progressing really well, and are loving the Gospel! We should have a really great turn out in church this coming week! :)

I love you guys a ton!!!


Elder Naisbitt