Thursday, August 21, 2014

8/21/13 Wheh, finally time to write my letter home

8/21/14 --- Wheh, finally time to write my letter home

Mom and Dad :)

sorry yesterday was super hectic, and we didn't have anytime to write! But i loved the photos! :) I put some photos on Drop box of some investigators that we have :) They are super awesome, and the Dad of them all is going to get baptized on Saturday, and we are marrying them tomorrow! :) sounds like you guys had a blast up at island park! i cant wait to get back and play golf again with dad and ash and grandma! :) those were awesome time! :) I cant believe the Bishopric has been changed! How crazy! My votes for Bishop: Dad, Ryan Colton, Curtis Reese, and Russ Cruise ;) hahaha :D anyway I'm excited to hear about what will happen! :)
A cool kid from Masayas

So change meeting is coming up in two weeks, so i have two more weeks to prepare and take in as much as I can! Elder Watteyne is heading home to, so "I'm going to kill him" as we say in the mission! :) I'm happy I'm killing him, he is super awesome with the investigators and always has a great attitude about situations! We work really well together, and I'm learning a bunch about how to listen better to the investigators, and respond and teach according to what they say, rather than just teach what we had planned! the influence of the spirit is so much strong when i teach like that! I had a really cool experience with that family i mentioned last week, Elvis and Yasmina this week! we showed up, and we had an alright lesson, we taught the restoration, but we just could figure out how to relate this to their lives, and so we finished teaching, and they really understood the lesson, and the main points, it just wasn't as spiritual as we would've liked, but then i felt like i should just testify about what we had taught, and we finished the lesson, and left. We came back two days later, and verified if they had prayed about what they had read, and Yasmina told us that she prayed, but she felt the spirit hit her really hard as i was testifying the other night, and what she was hearing was true! it was really great to be able to see her receive an answer from the Lord by using my testimony :) super awesome!     

Anyway, my week in the office was pretty crazy! we had like a money emergency here in the mission, so took up a ton of time, and then at the end of the whole thing, it all worked out, and wasn't as bad as i thought! :) Everything in the office, just keeps on getting more and more normal haha. but now we are planning for the change meeting that is coming up in a few weeks! This is the week that we will not sleep, because we are up all night preparing food, the change papers, new missionaries, old missionaries..etc. it will be pretty crazy! Usually changes only happens from Monday to Thursday, but this week we have a huge mission reunion on that Friday too, and I guess a general authority is coming down, so that will be a week of 0 sleep!!! I'm kind of freaking out! But I'm sure everything will work out good! :)

So tomorrow we are marrying a family, and then we will be baptizing the husband on Saturday! :) That will be really awesome! His name is Arnoldo, and his Wife is Veronica :) Veronica will be baptized in the coming week, she doesn't feel ready, so we are giving her one more week of preparation to be ready! In that same house we should be baptizing two more families in the next month! :) they are super awesome! :) We have been teaching a new family, that i mentioned last week, and we taught them the Book of Mormon yesterday, and they totally felt the spirit and totally accepted the book :) It was really awesome! They will definitely get baptized in September! that is an awesome family of 5 too :) wooooo hooooo big families :)

Other than that, we are just helping some new people get to be positive and go to church, and try to revive the fire in the old Investigators :)
I love you guys a ton! I hope everything is going well! :)

Elder Naisbitt