Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015 - Holy Cow
Dear Mom and Dad

Well its the Monday after changes, and I did not have changes, but Elder Jungers and Elder Sacalxot had changes.... I was super bummed out about that. I still miss them a lot... But the good thing was that I got two awesome Companions! First is one of my best friends in the whole world here in the mission, Elder Merrill! I don't know if you remember hearing about him but I was his district leader when he and I were in Managua! He was the one if you look back at photos, he came to mombacho (the volcano hike) with us, and had the rid and black stripped soccer shirt! Anyway, he is like my best friend here in the mission, and we get along so well! He is from Bountiful, Utah, and has 11 almost a year out on the mission! He is awesome!

Also I received my new son!!!! :) His name is elder Rodriguez and is from El Salvador as my son! :) He is awesome! He has about a year to be a convert to the gospel! He is very humble and loves to work, he is just a little scared of talking to people, but I was the same way! He reminds me a lot of what I used to be about 15 months ago! Time goes by really fast!

Anyway so on Wednesday was changes! I got moved up to ZL1, and now the whole zone responsibility falls over me, which is great, its just a lot! :) but I'm getting better at this whole being a leader of 20 missionaries! :) we are doing really great right now, the zone has baptized 17 people so far, and we have the goal of 30! So we just need 4 this Saturday, and 9 the next Saturday! The zone record of all time here in the zone is 24 baptisms, and we are going to break it with the help of the lord! :) We are super pumped about the that though! :) 

Elder Merrill and Elder Naisbitt - Zone leaders  and the 2nd time serving together.  Best buddies on the mission

We are putting in practice a new plan that we have called, pulling out the juice. Which consists of visiting members, getting less-active references and going to visit the LA with the members. This will help with reactivation, but there is a greater reason we are doing it. Within every LA family there is someone that is not member, be it a child that has passed the age of 9, or a wife or husband that has not been baptized! So this plan will help in those two aspects! Hopefully we can get the members to support us in this plan! :) 

Anyway, I'm doing really good! We have a lot of pressure on us right now to get the zone baptizing and keep it going on a upward improvement! :) I love you guys, thanks so much for the support and love you always give me! 

Love Love!

Elder Naisbitt