Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 1, 2015

Dear Mom and Dad!

How are you guys doing?? I loved your letters! That is a really cool experience you had dad with letting that man get re-baptized! :) I see the joy of that a lot, and it is like seeing a little piece of heaven on earth! Also I love the idea of the golf league! I could not help but smile at that, and I will definitely be joining that when I get back! :) The Pictures are awesome! Elder Merrill and I were just talking about how much we want a Hires burger as well as some good training table fries! :) He is an awesome companion! WE are literally like the same person just in different bodies haha we think exactly the same, and we get along so well! Our kids are doing great! 

As for our ZL duties, tomorrow our zone has interviews with President here in Jinotepe. This is something normal that is done every three months. However I have not had an interview with President Russell in 14 months because of how much time I was in the office, and when the last interviews came, I was in Bluefield's! The last time I had one was when I was in my last three weeks of Training in Masaya! hahahaha I'm kind of nervous because we will talk about the zone, as well as the area.... The Zone is throwing fire right now, we are just struggling in the area... but we will see what happens! :) I am just trying to have a positive attitude. Whatever he will tell me, i know it is inspired, and is something I need to change! :) 

I have been able to study a little bit in chapter 6 in PMG. I figured out what needs to change, and I have goals and plans to put them in practice! I really hope that my life and spirit can keep changing in these last 6 months. I have spent so long helping others that I have neglected my own personally progress. I have started to read 15 minutes in the mornings and 15 minutes at night time of the BOM to help build my own personal testimony! Like I said I hope to see the improvements in the coming weeks!

We have been trying so hard to find a ton of new investigators this past week. We have found some really cool people! One of them is a guy named Humberto! He is a son of a family of members. He is the only one that is not member! He is wanting to change his life, and has some problems but nothing is too big for the Atonement of Jesus Christ! He is progressing for the 20th of June!

The other cool guy we are teaching right now is Denis. I think I mentioned him in the last weeks email, but he is the guy that has 81 years and lives with his muchacha that is 50.... hahahaha She is super catholic, and wants nothing with baptism, but Denis is AWESOME! I love teaching that guy! He is so smart, and understands everything we teach! He is reading the BOM right now, and is loving it! I love seeing people progress and slowly watching the seed of faith get planted and watching the people wait anxiously for the small plant break through the soil of their souls! It is super awesome! :) 

Sorry for the last week letter! I always try to be positive and keep up the smile! But sometimes the world and all of the problems it carries weighs a person down a lot.

I love you guys so much! 

Elder Naisbitt