Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015

Dear Mom and Dad! 

Well it sounds like you guys had a great week! I have for sure missed you guys! are you ready for changes??? I.............................. did not have changes nor did Elder Merrill!!! It was so awesome!

Just my one son, elder Sanchez! But I received a new so named Elder Lopez from Guatemala! He is super awesome and very humble! I like Him a lot! I am working with Elder Rodriguez, and I'm happy to be with him as well! 

I loved that story that Dad sent! It is super touching! I thought we were a family boring that would never get to be apart of the Willie Martin  hand cart company haha, but it was very moving! I have so much more love for that event now! Thanks for sharing that Dad! 

I have received my return date as well... it is the 10th of December as well haha!

I loved the pics of Laubs in Idaho! Looks like they had a blast! I was happy to hear that everyone is doing good, even though you are all SSTTRRUUGGLLIINNGG from the heat! Poor Elphy outside in her black fir! I'm sure mom is watching her like crazy! poor phubs! :) haha

We are doing great! Like I said last week, this letter was going to be huge letter because I could not write that much last week, so be prepared!

So anyway lets start with Monday! last Monday was P-day, and we went to teach our awesome investigator named Angel! He has such an amazing story, so I will just have to tell it all! So about 4 weeks in the past he was a very active member of the catholic church! He had a very special assignment! I do not know if you have ever seen a catholic church before, but usually there is the father up front that teaches in purple, and in front of him are younger kids in white that are like his little helpers! That is what Angel did! He was training to become a father in the future, and out of no where he had one of his friends that is a member that invited him to come to our church! It took him a few Sundays to finally accept the invitation, but he finally came, and that is when we met him! We set up a return appt. and began to teach! He had not told us about his conversion until the past Monday! So after the first time in church he went home that night and asked God what was the path he should take, and that he wanted his answer in a dream. That night he had a dream, and saw himself being guided by the Lord through the Hallways of our church!!!!! And from that night he has been very anxious to get baptized in the church! Very crazy right?? He is such an awesome kid! He is 17. That was Monday!

On Tuesday we received changes which is always a stress! But like I said before I did not have changes nor did my brother! Elder Merrill and I were so happy! haha. But right after we received the changes, we received an even greater change... The APs called us and told us we have to change the way we pick people up for changes. Usually Tuesday night all of the missionaries from Rivas and Nandaime sleep up here in Jinotepe because from Here to Rivas is like an hour drive. But the APs said that President wants us to wake up early Wednesday morning and go down to Rivas in our rented bus to pick up the missionaries in these two cities.... We did the math, we had to wake up at 2:00am. Tuesday Elder Merrill and I baptized this cool family from the area of Jinotepe because they had asked us to baptize them! They are super awesome! they completely changed their lives to become apart of the church! Very cool! 

Wednesday morning to get to the Change meeting at 8:00am.... So that is what happened haha. Wednesday was such an long day..... then after the change meeting we had to drop off the missionaries back in their areas rather than just letting them take a bus and having the District Leader do that.... I did the math and I drove like 300 miles that day in a bus haha AWFUL! But that is going to be every change meeting now... so I guess, like always here in the mission., you learn to adapt! 

Thursday was then leader council! We did not get  beaten up about the zone! We baptized 17 as a zone this past month! We put the Goal for the month of July to be 24! I know if we work hard enough we will get it!

Friday was our zone meeting,. As DL,  we put this together to help build the zone up! We talked about the coming baptisms, and about how to put baptism dates on the first contact using lesson 2 ( the plan of Salvation) which was really great! The zone loved it!
Saturday was the first day we had in the area all week, which was great! We committed everyone to church and we brought 13! super awesome!

And Here we are now Monday again! I will email G'ma for the package! It was awesome! I loved the Chocolates and the Dots!!!! They are so good!

I now have a new suit that rocks! It is so awesome! You should be able to see pictures of it in the pictures I sent!

I love you guys! 

P.S. Have a great 4th of July! The last one before I am home again! Make it a big one!!!!! :)

Elder Naisbitt