Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015

Hey Paps y Mom! :) 

I loved the pictures! Looks like everyone is doing great! I wish could see a picture of Grandpa! 175 lbs! That is awesome! he looks better than I do now! ;) Snowbird... fun times! Crazy stuff with the cars though, that is too bad about Laubs car! Hopefully this week that gets fixed! 

On Tuesday Elder Rodriguez and I went to a meeting in Managua, which was good! I saw some of my buddies! We are all doing great! Elder Roney and Naupoto! During the meeting Elder Merrill was stopped by our house owner and she threw the biggest worst news she could on four missionaries....we had 5 days to look for a new house....NOOOOOOOO! So when I got back we began to search, and that day ended in vain! that day was good in the zone! We had a great lesson with Angel! He was all good to get baptized!

On Wednesday was dedicated and devoted to finding a house! However we came up with some possibilities, but none were up to the standards. Everything here in Jinotepe is very expensive, house speaking, and as missionaries we have a limit of 140 bucks a month. so that limits everything! We found this lady who was "to die Catholic" that was very sweet, and kept calling the church and organization haha but she had some rooms that were nice, and not to speak hot water, however the rent was 300 bucks a month! YIKES! and not to mention the rooms were littered with figures of Mary and the Pope haha. Bad news bears! ( that is my new saying )

Thursday was again spent looking for houses! We found another possibility that night, which looked really good, especially in the description the neighbors gave it, by saying there was Air condition!!!! We were so pumped and ready to go for it, until we saw the house..... Small, and NO AIR CONDITIONING! Gyarrrrrr But it was still not that bad, it had a good view of Jinotepe, and was only 130 bucks a month. But the thing that got it rejected was that there was a newly wed couple of one month living in the other half of the house.... again, Bad news bears!

Friday I taught our district how to improve putting baptism dates the first visit, and being bold about it. I hope it was a good training. The missionaries liked it! Friday was the dead line on the house, it was either we find a house or we are going to be in hot water with our house owner. So we divided and conquered once again, and found two possibilities, the first, a two story house that we loved, and again had HOT WATER!! We were super persistent on getting it, however it was rejected because to get to the rooms you have to go up a flight of stairs that does not have a banister..... Darn! But as we were sitting down on a corner, Elder Merrill and I looked up and miraculously there was a sign that said they had apartments to rent a few blocks away from where we lived at the moment. We called the number, went and looked at the house. The house is quite nice, big, no air conditioning, nor hot water, but spacious, and it has a nice kitchen area! We sent the pics the sister Russell, and later that night it got APPROVED! Finally!!!!! We moved most of our stuff in today and yesterday. The house is nice. I do not have my camera with me, left it in the house charging...sorry, but ill put pics up tomorrow in the morning when we are sending numbers to the office. 

During this whole time we had been searching for some new investigators, we have great possibilities for July, but we are dry right now in August. The search never ends! Every night we visited Angel and everything went great! Seriously he is one of my favorite people here in Nicaragua! Very very very shy, but friendly and sincere! On Saturday he got baptized! He did not want anyone in his baptism, but out of nowhere everyone in the entire world decided to show up and watch his baptism haha! That poor kid was so scared, but he pulled like a champ! On Sunday he got confirmed and was super happy! :) I LOVE THE LORD AND HIS WORK!! :)

The District in Rivas is getting better, tomorrow and Wednesday I will be down there on divisions. Hopefully I can help the companionship, I will work with! I know I will learn lots of stuff from them! I always do! I love the missionaries in my zone! They rock! They are so dedicated to the work! 

I love you guys! You guys are the best! I hope you guys have a great week!

Elder Naisbitt (Zone Leader)