Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 13, 2015

Dear Mom and Dad! 

Crazy weeks for you guys! I can not believe either that Lauren is going to be a senior!! I left and she was just a barley a sophomore! SUPER LOCO! How sad that the Allreds are moving.... They will definitely be missed! Tell them I said hi! 

Well I forgot my dumb camera cable again, so I pulled some of the baptism pics from Elder Lopez!  sorry on Wednesday I will try and send the new pics of our apartment! The apartment is really nice, and it stays pretty cold because it is surrounded by lots of trees! There is a sweet Avocado tree outside, so we are just waiting for the avocados to get ripe, and we will start putting them in some eggs for breakfast! yum! :) #NewHouseProps!

The past week was pretty crazy! I went on divisions for two days down in Rivas with a few companionships! I learned a lot from them, and I hope they were able to learn something from me! hahaha They improved on their numbers and how many investigators they had in church, so I am happy! :) That was on Tuesday and Wednesday! On Thursday I came back and got to work in the area! :) 

We had been preparing Kevin, our possibility for baptism, for about a month! But he was so ready! He had listened to missionaries before hand, and by the time we showed up, he was ready to go! He got baptized Saturday morning, and afterwards, to celebrate we went to this american diner place at the park as a companionship and bought Pancakes! Saturday is usually spent committing all of your investigators to go to church! We are teaching this awesome family right now named Humberto and Carmen! They are great! Humberto is working through some issues he has been having with Word of Wisdom, and cannot get baptized this Saturday, however Carmen is wanting to get baptized to be an example for Humberto! She told us that yesterday and that completely caught us off guard! We had been putting a lot of focus Humberto, and all of a sudden she steps up to the plate like a champ! :) So we should be baptizing her this weekend! :)

Tomorrow we have a big meeting in Managua!  This week we are going to visit a lot of different areas to get to know the possibilities for baptism that are coming up in the next two weeks! Lots of fun stuff!

I love you guys! Thanks for all your prayers and support!

Elder Naisbitt