Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015

Well I finally got my camera cord! I am sure you have seen most of the photos, but at the end of the letter I will explain all of them! Sounds like you guys had a good week, and all is well in Zion :) Moms tires disasters sounds awful, Dads concert sounds great! Soccer in the front yard, and Elphy in the back! Sounds like regular life back home! :)

 This week, Elder Merrill let me read this very cool talk called, "The Fourth Missionary" I recomed that all of us read it and try to not only apply it to missionary work, but to our lives in General! I was able to realize what I needed to change and how to go about doing it. I know how to have a successful mission and be a successful missionary not only now, but for the rest of my life. I challenge all who read this letter, to also read "The Fourth Missionary" and you will see what needs to be changed in each of your lives!  

Attached is the Document! Seriously it has changed my life :) Super great! 

On Tuesday like I mentioned we had that multi-zone conference in Managua with the whole zone! There are a few pictures of the zone coming back from the multi zones at like 9:00pm! Elder Merrill and I had to make the whole trek to Rivas and back again like we did in changes, which was exhausting! We finally got back to the apartment around 10:15 pm and we had been awake since 2:00am... long day! We also taught a class at the multizones about how to better present the Book of Mormon! We made little cards that the missionaries could put inside of their scriptures and use in lessons! Pres. said he liked the class, so I guess we did ok :) 

There are also some pics of our new apartment, without any furniture, I have not gotten around to taking another picture with everything in it! Its a nice place! :) 

We were going to baptize this past weekend, but we got to the house of our possibility and she told us that she had been fighting with her boyfriend, and did not feel ready to be baptized that day. We tried to help her understand that she was ready, but she just needed a little more time. She promised she would get baptized this weekend. We will see what happens. 

Sunday we hoped for a good day in church, but it turned out to be not as good as we would have hoped. We did not commit as hard as we should have all of our investigators and for that reason they did not come to church and decided to go to Managua for a huge celebration. Yesterday was the 19th of July, which is the day the revolution ended here in the 80s, so everyone and their dog go to Managua to the plaza, and celebrates. Bus rides are free so most people take advantage of the free bus ride and go to Managua. Free Beer too, so it attracts people better than bees to honey. We had 10 investigators, but only 4 were progressing and had a baptism date. Kind of disappointing, but we are going to work harder this week so we can do better next week! 

I don't think anything spectacular should happen this week, but there is never a dull moment here in the mission! Keep you head on a swivle as President Russell says! :) 

I love you guys! I hope all is welll health wise as well! 

Love you so much! 

Elder Naisbitt