Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

Hey Mom and Dad! 

How are you guys doing?? Sorry I am writing kind of late, we just got back from a trip to Managua! I have to get my residency here renewed, so I have been gone all day pulling out police records and stuff, but Just another day here in Nicaragua! :) haha I loved your letters! How cool that you guys got to go and see the Utes! I loved that picture of Ash! :) Hey I just wanted to let you know that I am having a little Nica make me a new suit because my suit pants tots torn last week, and I figured I would take advantage of a sweet hand tailored suit for cheap haha :) I had to pay like 20 bucks for the fabric, and then another 40 bucks for the Work, but I just saw the half made suit jacket tonight, and it looks awesome! I will send you some picks next week of the new suit! :) 

Your dinner banquet sounded awesome as well! I cant wait to play with these pooches! They seem like a hand full! :) Youth Conference sounds super awesome as well!!! :) Boating and all the other fun stuff! Awesome! :) I am sure laubs had a blast!

Well I have great news! WE FINALLY BAPTIZED!!!!!! :) DENIS!!!! :) It was so awesome! The night before his baptism he said the prayer and it was the most humble prayer I had ever heard in my entire life. The spirit was so strong and we were all teary-eyed as we left! We are so happy for that guy! I love that brother so much! Its crazy how much a missionary falls in love with the investigators and how much of the Love of Christ you feel for these people! So they got married on Friday afternoon, and that was super awesome! Him and his wife Araceli were so happy! And then they gave us this super nummy bread with chicken meat baked on the inside! We found the bread shop that sells that bread now, so we hit that up almost every morning! super nummy, and they also gave us homemade orange juice! They are so sweet! Then on Saturday was his baptism! And it was awesome, after he stood up in the water he looked at everyone and gave everyone the two thumbs up! :) Super awesome! He is one of my favorite converts of all time! :) I have a bunch of Photos on drop box! After the baptism we went and celebrated as a companionship and bought some spicy chicken wings from a place near the church! Elder Sanchez bought a mini pizza! super funny!

This Weekend we are going to baptize and Marry another family! They are both preparing to be baptized, but the wife will be baptized later on in July, but the Husband, Humberto will be baptized this weekend! We are going to go to his house this weekend and talk with them to make sure they are all cool about the baptism! Humberto had a total change of heart this past week because he did not go to church, and was still struggling with Coffee, so we did like a big "show" to help him understand that we were disappointed as well as the Lord, in the decisions he had been taking lately, and from Monday and on he has been obedient with not drinking Coffee! He is awesome! :) We put a baptism date with he Companion, Carmen yesterday night, and she accepted it without a single problem! It was super awesome! She is super pumped for marriage and baptism! 

To answer your questions mom about the area, we are still working in Las Villas in Jinotepe, but we have just added onto our area. If you go onto Google Maps, and look at the city of Jinotepe, if you look to the north western corner, you will see a little blip in the middle of a bunch of green that says Dolores. That is our area now too! :) we are teaching like 6 cool people from their that are preparing for baptism in July as well! It is a way cool family that has already listened to missionaries and the mom and the older brother have been baptized! we are teaching the other four daughters that are super awesome and are very interested in the church!

Well I hope I could answer all of your questions! The zone is doing great! right now we have 10 baptisms for the month of June, and we should end with around 20! 

I love you guys! Thanks for all of your support!

Elder Naisbitt