Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 16 - April 14, 2014 - Earthquakes!

April 14, 2014 - Week 16


 I'm sorry you were sick!!! Que Triste! Lo Siento! I hope you are feeling much better now! :) I have not eaten any Iguanas yet, but my companions have,  and they say its really great! hahahaha :) Lauren, I'm sure is losing her mind planning  MORP and stuff!! I can't believe that she will be driving this week! How Crazy!!! :) Cute little Chauck Chewback is Vieja!!! :) (old) Yeah,I miss home sometimes! Some days I want nothing more than to just walk back into OUR home and play with my Elphy and hang out with you guys! Then I just realize that I am not supposed to be anywhere but here! :) I miss you guys a ton, but I will see you soon! :) Spring time.. I forgot what that feels like... All we feel is 100+ degrees everyday hahaha its the hottest time of the year right now! It's so hot hahaha luckily the humidity doesn't hit till May, when the rainy season begins hahaha :)

This week was really great! We baptized a woman name Rosa! Thank goodness! She was so fun to teach, but her problem was that she lived in Managua, so we could only teach her on Sundays when she would come to church with her boyfriend name Mario! But she was really awesome! We had not taught her everything, but she just accepted the gospel, and knew that it was true because of how she could the blessings in her boyfriend's life! That is why Member Missionary work is SO Freaking Important!! :) This work is not called missionary work, and it should never be called that! This is the work of Salvation, and everyone needs to be apart of it! This missionaries can only prepare for baptism, but the members are the key! When I get home from my mission, I will take up the challenge in General Conference, given by Elder Ballard! Invite one person every Quarter to come to church and here the lessons from the Missionaries! I really hope that everyone back home will take this same goal! THE FIELD IS WHITE!!!! That is a promise, not an observation from Christ! If we try to reap with our might, we will have success! We have activated  so many members here! Missionary work in our ward has taken off because we have the members help!

So Now that I am done giving my Machetes,  hahaha, I just have to say that how crazy it is here right now! We have felt +6 earthquakes in 4 days! They are super strong and its pretty sketchy, hahaha We had 3 quakes yesterday, a small one during the day and two more during the night hahaha.  I'm so tired hahaha.  My companions and I slept near the front door, so if a really bad one hit we could get out of the house fast with just our shoes and shirts and basketball pants hahaha :) Luckily we didn't have to do that, but we will see how tonight goes! We had like 0 electricity yesterday because the power kept getting knocked out due to the earthquakes. All of Masaya was in Dark last night for like 2 hours and everyone was in the streets waiting for the earthquake to hit again.  It is very strange. Times are crazy here, but we are doing great! :) Everyone is kind of worried about the volcano nearby and if Masaya gets hit hard it could upset the Volcano, so we are hoping that they earthquakes stay smaller than an 8! haha, But I know that we have been getting pretty close these past few days haha, but other than the earthquakes we are doing great! One of the pictures I  have this week is my scriptures, and it basically explains our situation! :) Its pretty funny :)
scriptural references re: the numerous earthquakes near Managua, this past week.

The  other pictures are these:
1. Me eating a fruit called a guanabana! Super great! It had a funky texture, but with some milk, its really good!
Guanabana fruit, best with milk
2  & 3. are pictures of me on Friday, getting chocolate cake rubbed in on my shirt haha :) The shirt was Elder Grays, but he told me to switch shirts before District meeting :) The example was we need to give people the gospel on a plate and give it to them and let them try it, rather than forcing them to eat it :) super funny I wasn't expecting it hahaha
Elder Gray and Elder Naisbitt teaching an object lesson.
4. is elder Macias with my glasses haha Speaking of glasses, I am just going to wear my glasses for the time being, so don't worry about rushing the contact solution. Thanks mom, sorry to be confusing and frustrating with this!
5. and 6 and 8 are pictures of a bag of fresh mango's a ward member gave us!!! There is like 30 inches here and they are so awesome! :) They were like when you finish these just come back and we will give you more! They have Two HUGE Mango trees in their backyard! YUMMY!!! :)
Mango's, Yum!

I am loving my mission!! This is where I am supposed to be! I love you mom! Have an awesome week! Hope you get feeling better!! :)

Con Amor
Elder Naisbitt