Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

WEEK 13, March 24, 2014

Family :)
This week was really good! :) WE FINALLY BAPTIZED!!! :) I will post pictures next week, I brought the wrong cord to the cyber.... gyarrrrrrr but I will show them next week! I baptized this kid! His name is Oscar and he has 11 years old! :)  He is a ton like Ash, which was really cool! He was so happy, and is so excited for church, and to start working on his faith in God! He is such a good example to his family! His parents are super positive, and will get baptized we think haha. The problem with being a missionary here in Masaya is that we have the greatest Market for buying stuff, but it is such a huge temptation for people here. especially on Sunday, everyone goes to the Market and it is first priority! I have Never macheted so many people here in my life. Generally it includes making them realize that the church is their  salvation because it has the Sacrament! hahaha macheteing is the only way to teach people here, because they are lazy and have never thought of things in an eternal perspective. Its hard, but I love the scripture, I believe its in first Nephi somewhere, where Nephi is just destroying his brothers for being idiots, and they are like, why are you talking so hard to us, and Nephi says in response, only the wicked take these things hard because they know they know that they have sinned. I love that a lot because it's true!! I have learned to be really direct when talking to people. If you are indirect here, you will never have success, because the people's hard hearts will never be penetrated! (1 Nephi 16: 1-2)
I'm so happy for your awesome test results Mom! I really am so happy!! We just had changes last Wednesday, I think I will be here in Masaya for the rest of this change, and be changed to a new area this coming change. usually for missionaries, they keep you in your first area for 6 months, but since I am with Zone Leaders, President will want me with regular missionaries as soon as possible to see if I will be a leader or not. This next change is where President will watch the hardest for the bright shiners out of us new missionaries. I just hope that I am given a good Comp, not a Frito (The Verb Fritar means to fry, so a Frito Missionary is a missionary that is "Fried" or just lazy and usually wants to go home) missionary. But who knows, Ill go and work hard where ever the Lord wants me to go!
The culture in Nica. is nothing like I have ever seen before hahaha. Everyone does this funny finger slapping thing! watch this video hahahahahaha

Just Keep that pointer finger loose, loose as a goose hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hopefully that made your day mom :)

But everyone does this and its basically means like your super happy and people do it when they hear good news hahaha :) But I do it a lot now, and its just a part of me now hahahahaha :) The other thing, is there are a ton of Motorcycles here, and I have sat and watched people on motor cycles drive by for 2 months now, and I hope you aren't mad, but I kinda really want a Motorcycle now........ :) idk, its just a crave I've had for 2 months hahaha :) Have a awesome week mom!! :) Tell Ash I said hello!!! :) I love you so much! Just remember to keep yourself loose as a goose hahahahaahaha :)

These are  answers to Lauren's questions:  

I Thought your prom picture was awesome!!!!! Freaking Zach! 

The weirdest thing I have ever eaten was something called a mandura, and its like a banana they cut in half, and fry it in a pan, its really good, but it has a funky texture haha :) We eat mostly beans and rice hahaha, pretty boring! Don't take American food for granted laba hahahaha everything is so different here, But I have gotten used to a lot of stuff! :) I feel like  it's easier to speak Spanish than English sometimes already! :) Loving it here! I miss you a ton laba! I'm so happy for you! :)

Love Elder Naisbitt