Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

Week 12 - March 17, 2014

Mom! :)

Okay so Just some background Info on my comps! 

Elder Macias is from California, he has 19 months out here, and will leave in september! He has 2 other siblings serving missions in Washington DC and Peru. 
Elder Garcia is from Guatamala, and has 17 months in the mission, and leaves on my B-day in October! hahaha He has 5 siblings, two of them are serving missions right now, in Honduras and El Salvador, the other two are older and aren't serving anymore.
Both of them are converts to the church, elder Macias was Baptized when he had 9 years and Elder Garcia when he had 12 years.

We have District/Zone meetings every Friday. We never really see the President. But I posted a picture this week with the Hilux and the APs in our house because they worked with companionship´s in our area, so they had to park the truck in our house haha. They are really awesome, and it was fun to work with them!

The other pricutres I put up are the first few are of me with my allowance the mission gives us every 15 days haha. its roughly $90 or C$2300 

Okay so the picture that has my comps and I eating dinner is at Central Park at a little dinner shack thing haha :) Super Rico! :) it was like pico chicken, with this type of a fried banana, kinda like a plantain, and a bunch of Avocados in a salad haha :) so GOOD!!! :) 

And the last photos are of us at our "parents" house here in Masaya! They are so awesome, and so strong in the church! the boy that im with is 17, and his name is Carlos Manuel, and he is planning on serving a mission! The two parents are Peter and Margarita :) They are so sweet, and will usually feed us dinner! :) We have FHE or Noche de Hogar with them everymonday cuz they are recenet converts haha :) We love them a ton! :) 

I'm so glad that you had a great week mom! :) Sounds like this whole prom thing is gonna be awesome! :) What is the plan for their daytime activities? :) Ugh this conversation is making me want your delicious food again! I miss your cooking so much! Thank you for all that you did for me before the mission! The other day I was totally craving your meat loaf! I was loosing my mind! and homemade mashed potatoes! ugh hahaha :) I hope your scan results are great again! You should get them today right? :) The procedure they did sound like a pretty sweet way of doing a scan! :) I really have been praying for the family everyday! I hope everything is going great! :)

So this week was pretty great! We should be baptizing these two little kids we have been teaching for the past month or so, one is named Arjelia and the other is Oscar! So I will let you know how that goes next week! :) We taught a lady who had been messing with Witch craft and didn't believe in Satan or that she could enter into heaven! It was super crazy! We had no idea she had been messing with witch craft until after we had finished teaching and had left, when one of our Recent converts said she practices witch craft! So we are never going there again! There was such a strange/off feeling when we were there, Just kind of like something was missing in the house, and it was just unnerving the whole time! We gave her the Book of Mormon, but she wouldn't open the book, and she never once said Jesus, only Dios which God. Pretty crazy! Witch craft is pretty rampant here in Masaya, and Nicaragua in General!! 

We ran into another lady too, that we were pretty sure was possessed. We knocked on this door to see if they could help us find this family that lived on this street, and the lady that answered was super sweet, but she had this daughter in the back of her house in the "yard" that was screaming and shouting nonsense. and  I guess the mom said she wasn't always like that but about three years ago she went crazy.... SOOOO at this point we are like Freaking witchcraft!!! another one! but before we could go this crazy lady sees us and says this in spanish "What do you want guys?? Are you here to take me out?!?" There are differnt verbs in spanish you use to say to "take" out on a date, and to "remove" and she used the remove one.... so we got out of there as fast as we could haha. We have the power to do that kind of Exorcist stuff, but we will never go and put ourselves in a situation to do it unless they possessed are bothering missionaries. If they arent bugging missionaries it's the Stake Presidents duty haha.  Scary though! 

Anyway that is basically the ghist of my week! :) I love you mom!!! :) Youre the greatest!!!!! :) 

With Love!

Elder Naisbitt