Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 11 - March 10, 2014

Week 11 - March 10, 2014

Okay mom & dad,  I think dad was right, there is not enough time to write two different emails answering both of your letters... If I ever have time, I will definitely write separate emails! 

My comps. and I are doing great! We are getting along really well and we are constantly busy with teaching people! I have learned to realize that I won't have regular bowels for two years! haha. 

So the food here is really good! I love it, especially Gallo Pinto! I still cant stand beans, but I love Gallo Pinto haha :) Mom, you need to make this, con Huevos y crema! :) crema is como sour cream haha :) Everyone would love it! They have these drinks called Frescos! These are the greatest thing in the entire world! really they are awesome! Frescos, and the Coke here!  Real sugar coke is really great! :) Frescos are usually homemade with fruit and Tang :) or my personal favorite, semilla de Jicaro, which is seed of Jicaro, which is a type of fruit! OHH its so good! 

This is really a bummer,and it's sad, This past week, we had this guy lined up for baptism, and he was ready to go! During this guy's interview with our District leader he told him  that he had been smoking every day!!!! Ugh!! This is like the third investigator that has not let us know when we've asked him about the word of wisdom and didn't have a problem, and was committed to being baptized. Not all with Word of Wisdom issues,  but we literally get them to the waters of baptism, and then they disappear! Its pretty frustrating. The whole Zone of Masaya is seeing this happen. Its crazy because we are one of the hardest working zones in all of the mission. Satan works hardest where there are the hardest working missionaries. 

Also, this week was my first fast in the mission. I thought fasting back home was hard. That is nothing compared to this! haha. It's 100 degrees outside and we still work just as hard as we usually do. My body literally felt like it was going to break apart. I can't wait till next month!  hahaha. Its been a pretty humbling experience for me. I haven't prayed this earnestly in my life, and been humbled this quickly too. 

Moms pineapple sherbet smoothie thing sounds soooooo good right now, haha. I'm so happy about moms test results too! Such good news! I loved the pictures this week, That corvette was awesome!!! and Lauren's face while holding the chicken is priceless hahaha :) Anyway, I love you guys and I'm so grateful for your support! I wouldn't be able to do this without you guys!

Just a few new photos in Dropbox for you.

The one with me and my comps, is us holding a 500 cordoba! The lady of our house is super fachenta (rich) and she drove up and needed a blessing, so we gave her a blessing and then she says, you  guys aren't eating enough food, and she whips out this 500 cordoba! the exchange rate  right now is 1 us dollar is 25 cordoba, so she gave us 20 bucks hahaha :) really nice! :)
The second picture is the lake that is in Masaya! We stopped by this little store and I thought I would take the picture :) Gorgeous!

The other is, Elder Macias´s ping pong set that his old comp gave him haha! so that's us getting it ready to go for today! :)

Thanks for everything! :) I love you!!!!! :)

Elder Naisbitt