Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

Week 10 - March 3, 2014

Mom! and family!

I am happy you enjoyed my hearing my voice on the video I put in  Drop box last week,  hahaha :) I miss everyone's voice! Ugh I  can't wait till May!!!! :) I am so happy you had a great week and an awesome birthday! I love you mom!  I'm sorry you had to spend your birthday away from the fam! But it sounds like you had a blast with the Iverson's in Seattle! I will and have been praying for your results to be great! and that everything is clear! We fast next week, so I will be fasting for you mom! I think I have fasted for you every fast Sunday I have been away! I love you mom! I miss your dancing in the car and your infatuation with P!nk, hahahahahaha,  j/k, but really I miss you a lot mom!  I ll be there for birthday # 44 though!

We had a pretty standard week! I had the brown rain (diarrhea) for like three days this week, not explosive,  but just a bit runny,  gross!  hahaha but I'm doing good now! We were way busy this week! Elder Macias and Elder Garcia had to run back and forth from Managua a few times, so I worked with the District Leader named Elder Gray!  You might remember me telling you he is from West Jordan and went to West Jordan High School and grew up by Ash's elementary school, Westland.

Pic of the week! :) I found a guy that had a BYU shirt, and me and the other missionary in that photo, Elder Gray are huge Utah fans,  and this guy had no idea what BYU was,  so we told him that when we took the picture, we were huge BYU fans and that if you make a U with your hands, it is for the BYU! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha,  freaking priceless :  Of course we corrected our fallacy and told him that both schools were really rivals and disliked each other.  (I guess that it is funnier to us Utahans more than Nicaraguans.)

Anyways,  this has been a pretty great week! One of the pictures is me with a huge pig at this ladies house. hahaha It was huge and only a year old! crazy! The the other pictures was taken at a park, Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse were the honored guests. I also received  Jess´s Valentine package today. She put a Rubik Cube in it and I solved it immediately!  I still haven't received the package you sent yet,  so hopefully next week!

We have been working so hard and it is crazy! I feel so tired everyday, and somehow I just keep working! haha. My feet always hurt, and I don't remember what it is like to not to be constantly translating Spanish to English and vice-versa. It's exhausting! and sometimes really disappointing,  because we love these people and they all know that the church is true, but they don't want to make changes in their life, many just keep running away from us. But on the other side,  it is so great to see someone really accept the gospel and take it and run! Its so awesome when they feel the Spirit and want to keep on learning.

Being a missionary is amazing!

My companions and I are getting along really well, and we are teaching really well as well! Its hard teaching with three, but we manage!

I love you mom, you're the greatest!
Elder Naisbitt