Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 9 - February 24, 2014 (first video)

Hey Mom!
I love you!!! :) Freak you guys had a huge week!! That is unbelievable about Laba! hahahaha! HOW AM I MISSING THIS??  Oh well I will be there for her senior prom! I loved the picture of Ash! Especially the one with his hands doing that face he always does! I'm so proud of my little bro! He better get his eagle before he is 14! ;) And I loved the pictures of Korver's party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Ugh I miss my little Korver! I wish I could've been there, or...... had you guys come down here! hahahaha! 

I had a pretty decent week, except for our baptism fell through because, well back story. This guy is a RC (recent convert) and was dating this really sweet and kind girl and she was going to get baptized tomorrow, but then this guy went and cheated on her, but not like committed adultery. He would go on dating websites and flirt with girls on there, and his fiance/our baptism candidate suspected he was doing it, so she created this profile, and began to flirt with him and he denied having a girl friend or anything! Freaking Caballito (horse/dumb person haha)! So we are trying to help him fix this relationship and help him through the repentance process. Alma 42 is an awesome chapter that we showed him and it helped him a lot! Then the rest of the week was pretty normal haha.
video E. Naisbitt shot of a normal day's lunch.

Elder Garcia and Elder Naisbitt showing the after effects of blue candy!

 Elder Macias bought a ping pong set and we have been playing that at night before we go to bed and after we plan! Pretty fun, but its super cheap, so its not that great! hahaha. In response to your questions... :) Our ward is really great, but they really don't understand the idea of missionary work/the work of salvation. We feel like we are holding the church together here, and its really stressful. but the church is really only 15 years old here because of the revolution that happened here. SOOOOO, Its a really great ward, they just don't really understand how the church works and how the work needs to progress. Our ward service is from 10:30 to 1:30 and in the morning from about 8:30 to 10:30 we are little cattle rounder uppers...forgot that name hahaha anyway we go to each of our investigators houses and pick them, literally sometimes,. and take them to church. People here have a ton of faith, and its incredible but they never allow that faith to lead to action. Like they have faith in Christ, but they don't like to repent, come to church, or read the Book of Mormon (Investigators). GYARRRRRRRRRRR Butttt we get it done hahaha.  Like yesterday we brought 7 people to church, 1 shy of our goal, which is really good, and we had a whole family there too! I cant remember their names but they are super positive!!!!! So we just got to keep them animated and engaged about the gospel! Hopefully we can get them to read the Book of Mormon this week! And our Youth are really awesome! There are like 20 of them all together, and they are the ones who really understand missionary work! We get so many positive references from the youth here! I love them! They are all so willing to help us missionaries and go on splits with us.   They bring a really strong reference  point for investigators to draw from! because to the Investigator,  we are just teachers, but when they see an actual member, it is really great!

E. Macias teaching!
I wish I could tell you everything about all of our investigators! We are teaching like12 families right now!!! It's crazy, but we gotta lose ourselves in the work! :)Time is going by so fast now! I feel like I just wrote you a few days ago! I hope you guys are seeing time go by fast too! I love you! There is a ton of pictures on drop box now, a lot of them are from the prison, and others are investigators, and I think there are a few in there of me with my Nica Hair Cut, hahaha I've got nothing left!!!! :) hahahahaha And There is another one in there of me with this drink in a baggie! Everything we buy on the streets and its a drink (Fresco) are in baggies with a straw coming out of it! They are so good! :) I love you guys! :) have a great week!!!! :)
Elder Naisbitt drinking a Fresco from a baggie with a straw!  He loves them!
Mom, you asked about "fast food".  Well not really fast food, its more like pulperia food, a pulperia is like a little store that sells food and stuff, that is generally what we have for dinner hahaha some bread and juice haha :) The local members have said I have lost weight and I have only been here a month hahaha :) I love it here! :)  I eat a lot, I'm just eating a little healthier I guess hahaha and we walk like 10 miles a day too hahahaha
Does this ever get old?

Elder Naisbitt

PS...OH and HAPPPY BIRHTDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) 
I have been looking around and I have some ideas, I wanted to get you un amacca ( hammock) they are dirt cheap, like 12 bucks, handmade, but I didn't know what you would ever do with that hahaha :) 

You are an old man!!! :) hahahahahaha I'm glad everything is going well at home! I love you guys!
Mom has the big update from the week! :) Korver's party looked like a blast, and Lauren is going to prom!!!! Freak how is it that she is that old!!!!!!!!!! Shes breaking all sorts of mandamientos de Dios though! :) Jk :) She is going to have a blast, Have fun paying for a dress.......... :) You can go with her and have a BLAST!!! :) ha ha

I love you dad! I miss you a lot! there are a ton of photos on there! Most of them are from that prison we went to, and some others are investigators! I have a few of me with my new Nica hari cut! the guy just started lobbing of hair hahaha I paid C$ (cordobas/cords) 40 for that, which is about 1.75 dollars hahaha :) its was pretty sweet! :)
I love you! Update me more on Lauren & prom stuff!! :) Love, Elder Naisbitt
P-day (2 weeks ago @ old prison in Masaya
P-day (2 weeks ago) at an old abandoned prison in Masaya. Elders scaling walls