Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 8 - February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

Hey Mom! So, this Stupid computer I'm on right now won't accept my camera, so next week there will be a whole lot of pictures! Ugh, I miss Utah Food! I'm proud that I have an awesome mom that will stand up and machete a group of people like that! I'm glad Ash saw you stand up to the guy! 

 (Ash and I went to a Jazz game last week, we ate at Rio Grande and rode in a 15 passenger van with 14 other people in it.  I sat on the first bench, Ash on the back bench.  There was a group of 30 year olds chatting about getting rid of all the Mormons in the legislature and replacing them with Catholics, or another suggested Latinos, more women and another suggested Aftrica Americans.  Mind you there were a lot of us in the van, Ashton (10) sitting right next to them.  One of the guys in the group said "I don't want any N-word making the laws for Utah."  Well, that was that, and I turned around and said, "really, you are going say that in front of all of us, including my 10 year old sitting two spots down from you?  In my mind, that is the most offensive word you could ever utter from you mouth.  It is racist and derogatory and you should be ashamed."  One of the other passengers, muttered, "glad my hearing is poor, because I didn't hear anything!"  Unfortunately, we had to ride back with the same group or walk from the ESA, needless to say, it was a silent van ride back to Rio Grande.,)

 So I found out this week that our district leader is from West Jordan and lives on the same street of Westland Elementary.   How funny!  He was telling me that he used to hang out at Jordan Landing and watch movies at Cinemark and then go to Yogurt land afterwards!  This kid has lived my same life! hahaha :) 

It was a pretty standard week this week, but there were two awesome nights! The first was Tuesday and that day we worked way hard and we needed to go and get like 10 more contacts and so we went out to an A.A. meeting!!!!!!! It was awesome! I was kind of like, this is a silly idea for contacting, everyone there will want nothing to do with the church! Anyways, so we decided we would just go in and wait until we could talk. Once there was a break in discussion,  all three of us testified of Jesus Christ! It was pretty cool! We couldn't say anything about the church, but we basically just said, if you want to learn more, talk to us afterwards :) We didn't really get any great contacts, but we got a couple good ones,  haha, I'm planting seeds right? :) And then last night we played UNO with the district leader and his companion at our house, and that was a lot of fun! Lots of good memories! :) 

Dad was talking about the Olympics, I forgot that those were even on right now! But that's awesome! Nicaragua will probably come away with the most gold medals! ;) not haha. I'm glad Ash and Lauren are doing well! Tell them I love them and that I miss them!

Oh and I forgot to mention last week, Elder Garcia is from Guatemala and Elder Macias is from California! :) 

Love you guys! Its super cheap to send stuff down here, so this week ill be looking for your birthday present! It will be awesome! :) Love you tons!
The mom of Hma. H. Frodsham (shown) sent me this photo wondering if one of these was Garrett! Happy missionaries!

Coyotepe (old prison in Masaya) the district visited this.

Elder Naisbitt


So I am on this stupid computer and the key board is like trying to type on rocks hahaha. And the worst part is is that the computer wont hook up my camera! Freak!  So, this week was pretty standard missionary work! 12 hour days of contacting teaching and recontacting! Our district baptized like 7 people this week, we didn't, but we have one scheduled for next week and then March will  be a big month! Hahaha funny story time, so we needed to get some more contacts on Tuesday last week, so we decided to go to an A.A. meeting and preach about repentance and that through Jesus Christ we can beat all types of temptations! It was awesome, and we got some contacts out of it! So we are in the middle of Masaya, and I didn't even know that there was a lake here until today! Today for a district activity we went to Coyotepe (an old prison) and walked around and took a ton of cool pictures, and the view was awesome! And yeah it is pretty freaky having that Volcano right there! We were like, we are so hosed if that ever goes off! hahaha :) Missing you guys,! hahaha Be safe in Argentina!

Oh, dad, you asked about the families we are teaching...there are like 8 families right now! :) and all but two are progressing really fast! We are super busy everyday and really don't have anytime to do anything else, which is what needs to happen on a mission! I'm learning a really great work ethic from my trainers! They have been through the refiners fire here on their mission and are one of the few that have come out this strong! Its pretty incredible, and daunting because my trainer, Elder Macias, he's from Californnia btw, and Elder Garcia is from Guatemala! Anywho, he was saying that he and Elder Garcia both served as district leaders in two of the hardest areas in the mission, and this area is where they send really really lazy missionaries, and/or President Russell will send the prospective missionaries that he believes will be leaders, to put them through the fire. idk, whats going to happen, but I guess I just have to keep putting all my trust in the Lord!

Oh and yes my card works with ATMS!

 Love ya ! Elder Naisbitt