Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014 - Week 19

Week 19 - May 5, 2014

Dear Mom and Dad,

I will be on this Sunday! Dad sent me his info for Skype so it should be great! :) I'm so excited to be able to talk to you guys!!! I cant believe its may already! I am so so so so so happy Baylee got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been talking with her for the past month about her baptism and just sharing my testimony with her! It has been awesome! :) I am happy you got my package! :) Hopefully everybody liked their gifts! :) I have been praying for all of your tests to go well Mom! :) Dad be safe in Argentina! Hope everything is going well on the temple and progress is being made! :) 

Oo I got your package too!!!!! thank you so much!!! And Ash's letter! so cute! I miss him a ton... I love you and am so grateful for you! the candy is awesome and the ties are super awesome! I love you mom and I cant wait to see you!!!!! :) 
Look -I like selfies!

Okay so here is the information you asked me about! ha ha :) I had changes! Surprise! I'm am in the area, MiraFlores, which is in Managua! It is really awesome! Our area is actually pretty wealthy, not Masaya,  wealthy, but it is pretty well set. :) My comps name is Elder Sanchez! He has 15 months in the mission, and has served in 2 other areas! He's from Guatemala :)  He and I  get along really well, and we are working like horses hahaha :) 
Miraflores - New Casa

Okay but there is a twist with our area, we have had to reopen Miraflores. There were two sister missionaries here, but they weren't getting anything done, so President closed the for a time, and now we are reopening it. It is really really really hard. We literally have nothing to start off of. All we do all day is contact casas, and look through our area book for people the sisters taught in the past....which wasn't much. We started off this past Wednesday with 0 people with fecha and finished yesterday with 12 people with a Baptism date for first of June! It's so hard. Then on top of that, our ward is well.... its alright haha. We have a SIMI (total ward members baptized) of 360ish, but they have only been having 48 people in church every week. The 48 people are very fiel to the church, and have really strong testimonies, but we have over three hundred inactive members..... it's really bad. These first four days have been awesome, just super super super hard. Our companionship goal is to have a church attendance of 100 in the next 6 months. Our first week here we raised the attendance from 48 to 60, so that was good! :) Its just really hard. But me and my comp are doing awesome and getting along well! 
maybe outside Elder's room/apt.?

Ill talk to you on Sunday!!!!!!! :) 

Love Elder Naisbitt

ps..Okay so we have permission on Saturday to email at 10 in the morning or 9 in the morning for you, so please have your phone on and nearby so we can chat for the 10 minutes about this whole thing. Okay? I will only be on for 10 minutes so it just be ready for my email. I have to get off the computer, so I will talk to you on Saturday at 10 (9 for you) on the dot :) I love you Dad!  Be safe in Cordoba! :) I love you! :)

Elder Naisbitt