Monday, May 26, 2014

Week 22 - May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014 - Week 22 

Mom and Dad!
No we didn't have anything planned for the week, but we have our zone activity next week but I have no idea what we are going to be doing haha :) Everything here in the Ward, is basically the same. The ward is doing visiting teaching, it's just such a small effort, that nothing really gets done. But we are trying our hardest!
Golf. I miss those days haha :) Hope you're having fun! Jake Finally emailed me! Putz ;) haha jk, yeah, that's what he said! Mexico! He will do great! Hes not leaving till September though hahah  chupa su vida haha. I dont know why its so late. it's also weird they aren't sending him to Mexico for the MTC idk hahaha :)
This weeks letter should be titled "RAIN"
It finally started "winter" which here in Nicaragua translates to being 110 degrees all day everyday. It just rains everyday haha. The First day of rain was on Tuesday! I could not believe how much it rained. Seriously. Luckily I packed my dry sack, so I was able to put all of my scriptures and photos in that haha :) My "gringo Càmara" is water proof so no need to worry about that hahaha :) But I took a few pictures of that first day we couldn't make it to shelter and we had to get to one of our appointments, so we had to walk.  The streets here, when it rains for more than an hour, turn into rivers, because,  Miraflores is next to a mountain hill, so all of the water runs down from there and hits Miraflores hahaha. The video I have is that first day just trying to walk as fast as we could to the cita hahaha :) But other than that day we have been lucky and been in appointments during the rain :) It's so crazy when we have a thunderstorm on top of the rain. All Of the houses here have tin roofs, so its incredibly loud to begin with, but then throw lightning and thunder on top of it, is crazy hahaha :) We are right next to the smaller of the two lakes in Nicaragua, so the lightning is always hitting the water haha its pretty amazing here.
On top of all of that we baptized this week! We baptized a 15 year old boy Named Joseph, who is super awesome! He has such a strong testimony, and basically got mad at his mom for not letting him get baptized. I guess she felt like he was to young, and didn't know the doctrine, but he just went off on her and was like, Mom I know this is true. I am going to be baptized because God has told me this what I need to do. It was really cool!:)  Joseph is our first here in MiraFlores! We should be baptizing another guy next week, named Donald! :) Ill tell you about that next week! I love you guys!
 Hey, I am missing all of these photos of my family! I loved when you guys would send them! Surprisingly i haven't been that trunkey since I talked with you guys! It was a really nice reguvinator! I love you all!
Love Elder Naisbitt :)