Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Week 21 - May 19, 2014

Week 21 - May 19, 2014

Hey Mom!
What a crazy week you had! That's funny you cut/shaved  Torino too! Yeah I want to see pictures! :) Dad said he would put them up next week, so I will wait till then! :) That's great you got to have Korver for a few days, I miss my Korver! I can't wait to see him again! How did your tests go?? I will write Mathias when I know his email.  If you could ask him, and put in next weeks email, that would be awesome! thanks for Praying for us! :)
This week had its ups and downs for sure!
Basically the only good thing is that we brought 4 families, 4 priesthood holders, and 10 people in total to church!! :) It was really awesome, and the AP's sent us a text saying congratulations :) It was really awesome! So now we have 10 people progressing, and we should be baptizing this week and the following week! :) We are pretty Stoked! :)
Okay, for the hard part. So firstly, all we did this week was teach and contact. But the sucky part was that we could not find a positive Investigator all week, and that sucked, but tambien, we have been really focused on teaching less actives, and reactivating them. And its nice here because usually the in-actives will just start going to church if you ask them. But we have less than 15% of the ward active right now, so we have a ton of less actives to visit. The sad part is that when we would visit them, they usually would say, I have been a member for more than 30 years and was active for a time, and then inactive for the rest of the time. In the past 20 years of living here, No one has visited me once from the ward. Bishop, Counselors, Members, Teachers, No one. It was pretty discouraging. We have been working recently on a recent convert, who has problems drinking, but when we were visiting him on Wednesday he was super drunk, and we were talking with him, and he just starts bawling, and saying that in the past year no one has come to his house to help him, or just to ask him how he was doing. He was like, I just need a friend. That was pretty hard to watch, and to hear. The Ward isn't doing Their Visiting Teaching or Home Teaching. So we have coloration with the bishop this week, and we are gonna machete hard. Clearly the ward isn't doing their duties, and the only reason this ward is getting better is because we are dragging it by its feet. It's like trying to start an old car. But hopefully we can get this car running before we have changes. Anyway, I'm doing good, just missing the church I know back home.
I love you Mom! Thanks for sending those pants, I really Appreciate it! :) Praying for you always!
Elder Naisbitt

Hey Dad!
Where he studies in the house.

shower/ commode
Mom has the full update of the week, but I just wanted to tell you how grateful for you I am! Thanks for Everything! This week was pretty hard, And I'm so grateful for home teaching and Visiting teaching and how great they strengthen the ward. I am really missing the church back home. It's the Same teachings, but it is so different here, it seems like a completely different church with the same teachings. I'm so grateful for the church we have. We have found a mountain of people that are less active, and all say the same thing. "I have lived here for 20 years and no one from the ward has ever visited me" "I just am looking for a friend in the church, I know it is true, I just feel like an outcast there." etc...  I know its pretty dramatic, but the people down here are really driven by there feelings. The fact is that people don't do Visiting or Home Teaching, which has been hard to accept and we are hoping to help with that process.
Picture Explanation
"washing machine" ha ha!
Okay so the first few pictures are of the house, we have the shower and the clothes washer haha! We wash our own clothes which is well awful, but what can I do haha!

The Ones in The church are of a Family activity we had, and a University came and did Cultural dances. the Last video is of Micheal Jackson hahaha!

I hope mom Gets a kick out of that hahaha :)
And the last few are of me in front of a.. thing of a famous Nicaraguan Colonel of the Army or Something like that, But its down here in Managua! :)
Garrett in front of a famous Nicaraguan Colonel.
I love you Dad! :)

Elder Naisbitt