Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week 20 - May 11, 2014

Week 20 - May 11, 2014

We were blessed to talk to Garrett on Mother's Day.  He answered all of our questions and sent some pictures to show us the countryside where he lives and some of the food (icky) he has eaten.

Fish head soup!
Garrett told his companion about French Toast & made it one p-day

I feel like we just talked like yesterday or something... :) hahaha I'm really happy that I got to talk to you guys and see your faces!! I feel like it has been so long! I'm happy you guys are doing really awesome! I'm happy you had a great birthday and are doing great! Happy birthday old man! :)
So, well I guess I can just update you on what we have done today hahah we had bean soup today! It was actually pretty good, but it is basically beans mashed up and then add water and onions and peppers hahaha it is pretty third world country hahaha :) But yeah we just have been washing our clothes, cleaning the house, buying stuff for the house, and yeah here we are :) it has been a good p-day! :)
Ruth Chris Steakhouse! I'm jealous. I don't think steak exists down here haha just pulled beef haha :)
Have an awesome week dad! :) Love ya! :)
Elder Naisbitt

Garrett in Miraflores Managua
Hey Mom!
Yes, yesterday was super awesome!!!!!! I was so happy to have talked and seen you guys!! Everyone looks so happy and is doing really really great! :) I'm super happy! :) Happy mothers day too! I was soo happy to share that with you! I'm happy RFTC went really well! I cant wait until I can wear that down here! Thank you for the vitamins and the pants! They will be super great :) Malnutrition ..... its fun, not :) Well I really don't have much to talk about but well here we go!
Well... Our investigators are doing really well! Everyone is progressing really well, but the how we judge their conversion is, if they go to church! Its super frustrating when they choose not to go, because its like all of our work we did the last week went down the drain, and we have to machete them for not going. But usually they will go the next week after we machete them because we have become pretty good at just making them feel  realllllllyyyy bad haha :)
We should have a baptism in the next week on the 24th for a kid named Josef! He is super pilas and is really into the gospel and has a ton of friends in the church! We are working really hard for him, so hopefully everything works out! :)
Bueno, Next week will be a better letter, I'll have more to talk about hahaha :)
My new comp. Elder Sanchez from Guatemala 
I love you Mom! :) Thanks for all that you do for me!
Elder Naisbitt!