Thursday, July 24, 2014

Week 30 - July 21, 2014

Week 30 - July 21, 2014

Mom and Dad!
E. Naisbitt - baker?
Loved the Pictures of Wicked and Mom and Nanc and Grandpa and Mom packing up his house.   Man,  I love Wicked too! Grandma was telling me about the boys trip to Idaho! How awesome! She was saying they are going shooting BB guns and going to drive 4 wheelers! It's a sledgehammer.... Hhh....Shocks, pegs, LUCKY! Have you taken it off any sweet jumps??? :) I don't know why driving four wheelers made me think of Napoleon Dynamite, but funny! Any who! I'm going to miss St. George, too mom! How sad!!! That pool was my favorite! Maybe the pool in Arizona is good too!  I will miss how easy it was to visit Grandpa in St. George. AZ is SO much further away!  
E. Naisbitt making a Milk Torta (cake)
..... I am super Jealous that it is time for Little E over again! Maybe you guys should try to go to the "Grand" over again! ;) j/k   hahaha But I do miss the #6!!! My cheese Enchiladas! Ya for sure tell Aunt Jack to send that milk shake through airmail! Priority! :) hahaha Sounds like everyone else is doing great! I finally got Ash"s letter! :) I love that kid! I will be sending my letter to him tomorrow in the morning, so it should be there in a few weeks! :) Surprisingly, I miss mowing lawns. I never thought I would, but I miss it a lot haha :) I hope Bill is reading this hahaha :) But seriously, I don't know why I loved it so much, but it was awesome and the time went by so fast! haha :) 

So yeah, changes are this week, like on Wednesday. We will see what happens. I think that I will have changes, but we will see. Everyone is my District thinks that I will Either Swoop up and become District Leader or I will receive a "son" :) Idk what will happen, but I'll just keep working hard no matter what haha :) My comp and I are doing great! We went today around the zone and took a bunch of photos and saw some of the cool stuff before we have changes. :) I will let you guys know what happens :)
Sweet Ray Ban's $8
Sweet, Nica shirt, he sent Ash one also.
Fried Fish for lunch!  He likes it, he really likes it!

So this week we are on a bit of a baptism break for another two weeks. A lot of our investigators in the past didn't go to church so we had to move their baptismal date. But we are teaching these two awesome ladies, one is named Arelis.  Arelis is lady who is in her 30's and has two kids. She is really positive, and we practically dragged her to church this week. We showed up and she was like, "I don't feel good, I cant go to church." So I was like," Listen sister, If you don't go to church you will never receive more blessings from God, and God wants to bless you and you need these blessings in your life!" So she got ready and after that she was all happy and ready to go to church....haha. The other lady, Andrea, hasn't gone to church  for two weeks now so we showed up at her house Sunday in the afternoon, and she was telling us that she slept in again for church. but then she told us that she was reading the Book of Mormon and told us that she wants and needs to be more Like Nephi!! We were happy that she said that because then after that we didn't have to machete her that hard. We just told her 

"imagine if you slaved all day on a backing a cake for your sister or Child, and you put all you had into this cake, and when finally your sister came to eat it she never said thank you just got up and left. How would you feel? Well that's how God feels when he blesses us with everything we have and we don't thank him. One of the greatest ways of saying thank you is keeping the  Commandment of Sabbath Day."
It was really great. She felt really bad and committed with God in her prayers that she would go no matter what happened this Sunday to church!! Super awesome!
Yesterday, we found this really awesome family who are Catholic but don't practice it. They are just Catholic because it is a tradition, but are looking for something more centered in the family and that will help the family be more unified! We put a baptismal date for the 23 of August! I just hope I don't have Changes because I want to baptize them and keep helping them!!!! :)
Anyway that is basically my week! hahaha I wish there was something more, but not much happens Tuesday to Sunday hahaha :)
I love you guys so much! You're so awesome! I don't want to say that I don't miss you, but I'm  so into the mission, that I really don't think to much about other things hahaha. Sorry that sounds bad, but I really love you and I really can't wait to be home in 17 months, but I love the mission!
Have an awesome week! Ill talk to you next week about changes! I hope I don't leave! :)
I'm sure you loved Wicked! We eat lunch everyday with the family of the Bishop, and we have dinner with his family 2-3 times during the week! :) Yeah dad told me about the Outback! I'm sure Lauren was traumatized!
Cool Baptist Church close to E. Naisbitt's house.
This is to show you that EVERYTHING in Nica is short.  Even the stop sign!
The Bishop's daughter (Breesa)
Famous statue of Sandino - part of Nicaraguan Revolution.  Google to find out more info.

Elder Naisbitt