Monday, July 28, 2014

July 26, 2014 - In the Office

July 26, 2014 - In the Office

Hey mom and Dad!! :)

So I had changes this week.... to the office of the mission! I will become the new financier of the mission when my new companion, Elder Watteyne goes home in 6 weeks! I now will have p-days on Wednesdays usually, but this week we didn't have p-day because it was the day of changes and we all were up all night long driving people to the airport. We have had like two days with barley any sleep! It is pretty crazy here! There are four of us Secretaries for the mission. I'm in training for the new financier and the financier right now is my Comp! One of the Other ones is the Material Secretary, and the other is Just a General Secretary. 

So Basically to tell you what will be happening in my life now, I will be in the office of the Mission from 9 in the morning till 4 or 5 in the afternoon working with the other secretaries. So all of us are missionaries, and we will get out into the area around 5 and work till 9! It is pretty crazy! We usually get good nights rest and all that, but when, for example, we have changes, usually we are up all day and night for three days driving to the airport and back, bring new missionaries, and dropping the old ones off.
me in my office as the financier hahaha :) pretty sweet!
Elder Roney( He came with me from the MTC) and Elder Kersey! They are the two other Secretaries. My comp is sleeping in the office of President, because it has carpet, and feels really awesome to lay down on! hahaha like I said, we dont get much sleep somenights, so we are pretty tried sometimes haha :)

This photo and the three below are just a few photos of the office, and the different rooms 

So my job as the financier is being in charge of anything that has to do with money. Paying missionaries their allowances, changing houses, The mission Vehicles, Paying bills for the mission, buying food for big meetings, transportation, etc. Its is pretty stressful sometimes, but right now I'm training, so my comp. is helping my get this whole Financier stuff down :) This is a huge responsibility, and I will probably be in the office for 6 to 7 months, which means past Christmas and into January most likely, Anyways, I will look forward to talking to you guys in Wednesday! If you have questions, which I'm sure you do, just ask them haha :)

me again in the office 
I  love you guys! Thank you so much for the support! Write me back if you get this email today with in the next 40 minutes! :)

Elder Naisbitt