Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014 - Week 25

June 16, 2014 - Week 25 - no photos this week

Hey Mom and Dad!
First off, Happy Fathers day! I love you Dad! You have given me such a positive influence in my life and such an amazing example to model my life after! Thank you for everything! If I have become a better person, it's because I have an amazing Father like you! If I could be half of the man you are, I would feel like i had succeeded in life! you're truly amazing Dad! Thank you so much!

Speaking of FIFA!! GOALLLLLLLL Thats all we hear when we are walking in the streets! Seriously! Its pretty crazy! Dad has the description really well, that everyone just stops working and watches the games. We have heard alot of the games! We have to teach, so we sit down in houses and teach, but we are listening to the games too! haha. There is no way to watch it hahaha. Hope USA Wins against Ghana! And Germany destroyed Portugal! Argentina is doing really well, and so is Italy! I was really hoping Uruguay would win their game, but they lost to CostaRica! CostaRica is huge here because one of the players for their country is from Nicaragua, so there are a ton of people pulling for Costa
Rica this year! but I have decided that I will be buying tickets to the next FIFA in Russia ;) hahahaha It's just too fun! :)  Yeah I will look for stuff for Lauren and Ash. What are their teams?? IDK what they want or if they just want a general Shirt\Jersey.

Well this week was pretty crazy, Elder Sanchez had Changes, so he is gone, and was moved to A city called Jinotepe (heenotepe) and is District Leader there! Pretty Crazy! We were pretty upset that we only had one change together! But that is the hard part, usually the companions that are your favorites,  usually are only together for one change! BOO! But my new companion is Elder Mazariegos. He's from Guatemala, he is 20, almost 21. He is a convert of basically 2 and a half years. So he has had more time in the mission as a member, than out of the mission hahaha its pretty amazing!

We are working really well together and we get along really well, so that is a blessing! I'm really Grateful that I have had great companions for the past 6 months!  Only  10 days till I have been out 6 months!!!! LOCO!!!!! :) hahahahaha.  I'm loving it and the time only seems to be going my faster! I don't like it hahahaha!

We put a baptismal date with this family yesterday. This family has like 20 people living in this house! Its pretty crazy! We only got 7 to listen and to accept the Date! So hopefully everything will go really well with them. :) Baptisms are coming along, we should be baptizing on the 28th for sure, but none this week

Any-who. I'm doing really well! I love you guys and I miss you! I am always praying for the family, and for Mom's Health! Please keep me updated! :) I love you!!! :)

Les Amo!
Elder Naisbitt