Saturday, November 1, 2014

Oct. 31, 2014

Dad and Mom!

District + Pre. and Sis. Russle

First off, what a win for the Utes! That is so awesome! I miss a lot of things, but I think the thing I miss the most are Utah games! I cant believe either that I'm 10 months old in the mission! I was looking at the photos from you guys, and Lauren looks super old now too! I cant believe it sometimes! but the photo that really shocked me was the photo of Austin and Betsy's little guy, Nate!!!  When I left he was super tiny, but now he looks like Korver! super crazy! Your pumpkins looked pretty sweet! That's fun that Brittnee was able to join you guys! Loved the designs! I hope everything goes well with your tests Mom, and that you are able to get this cool drug! I'm always praying for you! I hope Dad gets home okay! Ash is the man of the house for a few days now! :)

So it was a pretty sweet week! We have been super busy, but it has been a blast! We did baptize and marry Julio and Vanessa! They are super awesome! it was such a crazy night though! we were on the way, and it decided to rain like none other, and for like a half hour! So that put everything behind schedule, but we married them first, and then we baptized them! But it was like God was really trying our faith and the faith of Julio and Vanessa, because there was a baptism before us, and so we asked the ward clerk to keep the water in the font, but i guess he did not relay that message on, because when we all walked in together, the font was empty.... so we were tasked with refilling it, and waiting for that. 1 1/2 later... ahh, so the frustrating part was that we had a bunch of people there to support, but by the time the baptism started it was 8:30, and there was no one left but a few members that were faithful haha. But we finally got them in the water and then we got them home. The next day, they show up to church at 8 am sharp, and are waiting to be confirmed, but again, nobody told the bishop that they were baptized, so by the end of the sacrament meeting we were like, what are you doing Nicaragua????? But they got confirmed, and everything was great haha. We visited them on Tuesday and they were doing great! :) They were for sure chosen by God!

So the other highlight of the week, like I said yesterday was the Trip to the Volcano Mombacho! Seriously, that was one of the coolest hikes I had ever done! It was such a clear day, and we could see for MILES! There a few cities you can see, the biggest one, that is right next to the lake is the city of Granada. We took a video of the part of the trip up, and you cant really see in the videos, but the roads were literally straight up! it was incredible! so we got to the top, and started the small hike, which is where we found a bunch of monkeys called, howler monkeys!, and the entire Volcano is full of them, so as you are walking, it just sounds like a bunch of Hows and screams haha, it was pretty awesome! These photos are so awesome, i really cant describe how beautiful the whole trip was! It will be the only time I go while on the mission, but when we come back, I will be taking you guys there! Seriously!  There are a ton of photo though haha, like 193 of just the hike :) and another 10 from the baptism!

Well that is basically about all that happened this week, but we are now preparing for changes again haha. They will be on the 26 of November! super crazy!
I love you guys! I will be looking for the flat package! so if I get it sometime in November, open it? or wait till December 1? :)

Hey I was thinking the other day, what would be super super awesome, would be a sweet christmas card, but it has the Calender of the 2015 on it! That would be awesome! one of the other elders has one here, and it is super cool! I dont know if that is still possible, but i would really like that :)

Elder Naisbitt