Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 18, 2014

Baby buny

November 18, 2014

Mom and Dad!

What a crazy week! Go UTES! :) what a heck of a win! What are they ranked in the nation? Hopefully they are around 15 right??? Sounds like Dad held down the fort quite well! I cant believe that Laubs has a job at Zupas!! That is so awesome! I have not heard anything from her in a few weeks, but I'm sure she is super busy, but that is super awesome! :) Hopefully they keep her working there for a while, she needs to pay for gas! Does she still drive the Outback?? And the Honda? :) Hopefully my little blacky is receiving some sort of love right?? :) I'm so happy that you made it home safe, and that the Gamma Knife went well! I really hope you do not have surgery.... Hopefully you can just get  BCBS to approve the drug and will pick it up finally! But I know that you're in the Lord's hands, Mom. Seriously! It sounds like you are in great hands up in Seattle though!

Oh, I have received the flat package and I will be waiting for the next one! I have a bit of a question though, have you sent the Christmas package yet?? If not, I have a request, if you could put my old Idaho license plate in the package! There is an awesome member here in our ward that is super helpful with the missionaries, and is like my older brother here in the area, but he collects License plates from the US, and he does not have one from Idaho, so I was wondering if it was possible, throwing that in right on top of that package! :) That is the last thing! :) Sorry!

So the world of the mission is going really well! Sorry I don't mention to much about my comp! Me and him are getting along really well! He is learning a lot because he only has 6 months in the mission. At about that time in the mission, is when you think you're better than the investigators, and just try to outsmart them, and don't really pay any attention to them.  I don't know why it happens, but it happens to all of the missionaries. Its about that time when your Spanish is getting better, and you can somewhat speak with the people, and think that because you are able to speak, means you should talk the whole lesson haha. I was the same way 6 months ago, but I have changed a whole lot now that I look back. Anyway, Elder Hayes is at that point and just LOVES to talk haha. One of our investigators, told him he talks more than a parrot hahaha :) He didn't know what that word meant, and I don't intend on telling him hahaha :) But we are getting a long really well, and hopefully he is learning a little from what I have learned. 

To answer Mom's questions, I have had 0 problems since I have left Masaya. I'm adjusted to everything, and the water, nor the food doesn't hurt me anymore. I'm always careful to not eat food that isn't cooked that well, but that just comes with experience with Nicaraguan Cooking haha :) The nice thing is that my Districts areas are super super super poor, so usually when we go and eat at homes, it is just rice and beans, and maybe some eggs. This area has humbled me a lot. Like last night I did divisions with missionaries in my district for the night, and ate like three times haha. The Nicas are super humble and willing to share and give what they can. its kind of sad sometimes because I have learned to read emotions pretty well, and a lot of times, they give us the food, and it is just almost a look of shame that they couldn't provide more, it has been a pretty amazing year, last year at this time I was a completely different person. 

My District is doing really great! The one missionaries in Monserrat North, Elder Merrill and Elder Castro are doing great! finding a lot of people, and doing a lot of contacting! I gave them the goal of contacting 43 people everyday, which is a lot for a missionary, but they completed yesterday, and are super animated to complete again! 

The Assistants are always doing good! :) hahaha

Elder Hayes and I brought 12 people to church last week, which was a miracle! We put that goal the night before, and the Lord helped us get exactly 12! super awesome! The one family we visited the next day after church, and the first thing the wife tells us is that, " You guys need to pray to the Lord to find the truth" Which basically put, she liked the church, just has her own beliefs that are against the church, like doesn't believe in Prophets, and thinks that all the churches will be saved in the last day. But she is really awesome, so i think we will try and teach the Book of Mormon this week and see if she will accept it. The other people that showed up were a Grandma, her daughter, and her Grandkids, who are super pilas, and they really want to read the book of mormon, we our next appt, on Friday to see if they read Moroni 10! sorry "pilas" (pronounced Peelas)  if you don't remember means they are super positive and will do whatever you ask them!

Anyway that is basically the week! haha we had that fish soup again, so I will put that up on Dropbox! Sorry I wish I could take more photos, but because we have some people in our area that are looking to rob us I never carry my camera or anything important. Once I'm out of the office, I promise I will take a ton more photos!!!!! Promise! :) 

I love you guys! have a great week! If you guys would like anything else for Christmas, like Nicaraguan souvenirs, let me know what you would like so I can look!! :) KEEP ON THE PILAS! :) 

Elder Naisbitt

Breakfast of champions

Fish soup