Thursday, November 6, 2014

November 4, 2014

November 4, 2014 (No photos this week)

Mom and Dad!
Sounds like you guys had a great week! I only saw the pictures of Ash on drop box! What an awesome costume! Seriously, he looks just like Si!  Poor Utes losing in the last minute! I have faith that they will be able to make the game interesting against Oregon, and at least make a pretty decent game out of it :) Go Utes! I cant believe Laubs had that late of a practice up at the U! But whatever it takes to keep her bleeding red! If that girl goes to BYU, it will be super sad! Halloween just doesn't exist here in Nicaragua haha, they just went and decorated graves of their ancestors on Sunday, which was kind of a pain, because everyone that lives in Managua goes out of town for the weekend to celebrate "el dia de los Muertos". This holiday isn't too big here though, just another excuse for The Nicas to not work haha.  I'm so proud of Ash doing that great on his Piano Recital! That would be an awesome video you could send me... :) if you don't have one of those, just a video of him playing in the house! I hope everything goes well for you Mom with the Gama knife surgery. I'm sorry that this is in your life! Your FHE sounded really awesome! If I was doing one of those sheets, you guys would be up top on that list! Thank you so much for all that you do for!

So this week was pretty standard! We are super pumped for the baptism of the other week! it was really awesome to see the change that people make before they are baptized!!! I think that is the greatest part of the mission. Watching people completely turn their lives around! This weekend we will be baptizing this other girl named Alisia! We contacted her in the street one day, and she lives with a Less Active family, so we went there and got everyone super pumped for baptism, and for going to church. She hasn't missed a week yet, and will be baptized this week! How awesome right?? We will also be baptizing two other guys, named Melves and Javier. They are two brothers, who elder Watteyne and I contacted way back in August, but these guys have been so receptive to the whole message, and have made lots of changes, like stopping to drink, and to put their lives in accordance with the Word of Wisdom. They took a little longer to get to this point, but they are so ready to baptized now, and are ready to be members of the church! The Book of Mormon is such a key tool here in Nicaragua, and in all of the world. People here hate to ready, and it is just like they never have grown that part of their lives, but when you get them started reading, and especially the Book of Mormon, they get super pumped, even though its hard. The Book of Mormon is so simple, that like everyone says, a child can understand the points of doctrine that are presented. Javier, one night was like, "Wow, this book really does a good job explaining principles, and the words from these prophets are very clear." This book, really is the key to everything. If someone will start reading the book, they will feel themselves growing closer to God than they ever had! Anyway, I am super pumped for these three baptisms this week, and we have the goal of baptizing 9 people this month, and I think we could do it, its going to be super tough though! :) 

Okay to answer your questions, some stuff for Christmas:

  • well first off some sort of fat burner, because here in the office I have put on like 15lbs here in the office! ;) haha no but seriously, the office is killing me haha.

  • -Okay but for reals now, If you could send some sort of scripture marking stuff, like those Twistable Crayola crayons work really really well!

  • -I would really like some new ties, some of them have been pretty destroyed! I'm down for any color, just not too crazy, and not pink :) 

  • -A new shoe shine kit (broke)

  • -This isn't really a need, but I'm struggling keeping my teeth super white, I keep them clean, just not super bright anymore. If you could look around for some whitening strips, that would be AWESOME! :) 

  • -Another want, if you guys could look for one of those AXE shower scrubber things, that would be sweet too haha, the shower scrubber things here aren't the greatest quality.

  • -three more pairs of those good socks from the missionary store. I think some Nicas stole mine while they were doing my laundry in Masaya. But the other three pairs that I have are super good still, and have 0 problems! I just need a few more.

I think that is everything that I need! I am working on your gifts right now, but I need to know, which members of the family have the scripture "quad" that is smaller, like Ashes scriptures. For Ash's scriptures, I need to know the dimensions of the spine, as well as the outside leather piece. I have a video on how do it on Dropbox. If the scriptures are like the size of Dads green ones, no worries. :) if you could do that this week, that would be super awesome! :)

Well I hope you guys have a great day and week! I love you guys so much! Tell the family that I said hi! and I love you! :)

Elder Naisbitt