Thursday, November 20, 2014

November 12, 2014

Dear Mom and Dad!

What a crazy week! Anna sent me a photo of the Utah guy dropping the ball before the line hahaha, you know Anna! It was funny cuz she was like, "well its been a rough time in Utah country or Swoop-town, what ever you guys call it " hahahahah Priceless Anna moments haha :) But that is too bad that they lost!! It was almost like the BYU game that Utah pulled that huge DUHHHHH moment and almost ruined the game a few minutes before it ended! What is crazy too is that Amanda Oliphant and Kaela Mcdougal are back!! That is so mindbowing! When does Ashton Vandermide come home? It has to be sometime soon now right? Thanks for working on my christmas requests! You guys are awesome! I will be looking for the measurements tomorrow! There is a billboard by the office that has that interstellar movie poster on it, and it looks SICCCCKKKK haha I will be watching that for sure when I get back! Mom, I hope you have a good trip up in Seattle, I hope that everything goes well, Youre in my prayers! Hopefully ash adjusts to the strict teachers! I remember, i compained about having the strict teacher, but at the end of the year, they ended up being one of my favorite teachers! He'll learn to deal with stress! That has been one of the greatest things I have learned here in the office. We are under so much pressure and stress to get everything done, and done perfectly. President is a perfecionest, so when things are done, they need to be done well. It has been super crazy the past four months. I should be here in the office through Christmas, but we will see what happens this coming change! The change takes place on the 26 of November. We will go through all of that, and then after dropping the deads off at the airport, we will go home, take a nap, and then go to Presidents house for Thanksgiving on the 27th. YUMMM But the bestpart is that in the stake there is a family that works for the US Embassy and they are members, so every year the missionaries in the office go over there too! :) Its going to be super awesome! :) 

Any way, enough about the future!! We baptized two people this week, Javier, and Alicia! Melves didnt feel ready, so we had to move his Baptismal date, but he will be ready soon! It was such a great weekend! Javier was baptized on friday, and Alicia on Saturday, and on Sunday they were both confirmed! This saturday, and maybe the coming one, are empty for baptisms. The last week should be really really great! We have been finding a ton of people for December, which should make that month really great! I have pictures of our P-day on Dropbox, as well as the baptisms!

The mission has a goal of baptizing 250 people this month, and if we do that, we will make the yearly goal of 1800 baptism, if in December we baptize 150! President has gotten this mission rolling, and it is moving so fast now! All we are thinking about is the next month, and baptizing this month! And he still is raising the goals, and the Rules of Excelence. (which are every day we must complete with the following, 7 lessons with investigator, 4 with Less Active and Recent Convert, and 24 contacts a day. So if we do that President says we are promised by the Lord to have +6 Investigators in church on Sunday) He is pushing us so hard, but we are here to work, and to serve 100%, not 90 or 50, 100%. He is always talking about living the Law of Concescration on the mission, which is in essence, Obedience with Exactness. Obedience brings blessings, but Obedience with Exactness brings Miracles. That has been my goal on the mission, to live 100% to the Lord, because none of this time is mine, nor my investigators, nor the Wards. It is all aloted time given from the Lord. I love the mission, and all that i have learned from it.

Thank you so much for all that you guys do for me and for the misison! I miss you guys and love you more!

Elder Naisbitt