Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December 3, 2014

December 3, 2014

Mom and Dad!

Wow it feels like forever since I have emailed you guys! It has been pretty crazy here in the office with changes, and President is preparing to start the Interviews for the Semester, so that is a lot of planning for us and getting all of the missionaries on the right time schedule! As well President has been loading my plate up with work and stuff to do, so it has been super super super busy! Elder Hayes and I are still companions, and for how long I don't know! President told me yesterday that I will probably be here in the office until at least February..... GYARRRRR hahaha. I am kind of sick of the stress. But we are going little by little :)

Your guys week sounded super crazy!! But San Diego sounds super awesome! Buca de Pepo, sounds like a great Thanksgiving dinner though! We had two dinners, one at Presidents, and the other in an American member's house named the Rasmussens!!! The husband works at the US embassy, and they are members! So we ate REALLY good! The turkey was way great! I had not had that great of food in a year! Seriously! But we ate too much at President's, so we got to the Rassmusens, and we were all too the point of throwing up because we were so full! ugh! :) But it was soooooo delicious! The Rasmussen's sent us home with food, so we are still snacking on it occasionally :) She made homemade rolls, which were almost as good as moms! Nothing can beat Mom's homemade rolls! I would like those one of the first night I am back! :) Sounds like Dad is on his last trips to Argentina, which is super crazy! When is the finish date!? Hopefully pretty soon! That would be really cool if we went there when I got back! 

Well, This past two weeks have been good in the field, we are just struggling to find people to teach right now! because this area is so dangerous, we have locked ourselves only in part of our area, which has really cut down the area in which we can contact. so its been a bit of a trial looking and looking. We did find a cool guy yesterday that kind of contacted us and wanted us to visit him, so we will be heading up that way tomorrow night to see how positive he is. We should have a baptism this Saturday of a girl we have been teaching for a few weeks, named Alison. She is a daughter of a recent converts, and loves the church, just never has time on Sunday to visit because she is always working and going to the university. But she is on Christmas break right now, so we took advantage and have been teaching her! She is super awesome and loves to learn! I just hope that she can keep going to church after school starts again! Her mom and dad are was cool though! Her dad is the Ward Mission leader, and loves the mission work!

 Then in the following week we should have another baptism of a Kid Named Yarlin (Jarline)! He is was prepared by the Lord to receive the Gospel! We found him because he is the boyfriend of a recent converts sister! But he is 17 years old and has received an answer from God that our church is true, and Joseph Smith was a prophet! That is about it for the month of December, and we have a few new possibilities for January! If they progress, I will tell you about them in the coming week! 

I have received a few packages, and I love the Calendar! Mom that is the Coolest thing you could ever give me! Seriously! Sister Russell saw it and was like, I love your mom, and then cried because it was so awesome! Thank you for all of the time you put into that! Really mom, your the greatest! Thank you so much! I will keep the other package closed until Christmas! I have received a package from Grandma and from Jessica! You guys are the best! :) The gift I had gotten for you guys with your scriptures got put on hold, because the guy made them wrong, so I have to go back and see if he can fix them. If they are late, I'm sorry!!! But I have some cool souvenirs I will pack up in a box and send out! But the guy will fix them it is just a question of $$$ Now :) 

Love you guys a ton!

Elder Naisbitt